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What Else Could Donald Trump Do to Feather his Presidential Nest? UPDATED UPDATED

My evolving Medium Post

24 February

So now my old Nevada home is Trump’s nail driven into the COFFIN of the GOP. Who Trump is and what he will do will now become the text of the next seven months. The GOP will flail with its burden of sin weighing down as the months progress. The Democrats will nominate Hillary and she will be the centrist candidate that the secret centrists of the GOP vote for. And Trump will have been seen as POWER that any person could have with the correct awareness of inherent capacity. What this is all about, you see, is anthropology. What people like in Trump is what they see as honesty and humanity. They are in fact watching the denouement, the revealing, of a moral evolution. My writings here are of a piece and they all point in the same direction. All I can think of in the wake of Nevada is the Scarlet Pimpernel:

We seek him here, we seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven? — Is he in hell?
That damned, elusive Pimpernel

The fop as future?

That is too simple. I shall make this post my political diary of Pimpernel’s Progress.

Below the October 21, 2015 ORIGINAL with first UPDATE

I am on to Trump. Always have been. You need to be a New Yorker and a few other things, but this ISN’T about me!

Right now our erstwhile preppie is garnering free publicity by doing things that would make Hunter Thompson give up drugs in sheer envy and roust Ken Kesey from whatever bus he may be on.

So far:

Donald Trump has killed Jeb with truths so obvious that it is eventually going to be painful to witness the collapse of W’s younger bro, the good one, remember? Even after his mini-NH bounce, Jeb is facing potential doom in SC.

Barbara? After NH?

Most likely contemplating Trumpicide.

So what else has Donald done to keep the pot boiling?

The biggest thing has been to open up the Bush-Iraq fiasco. I am waiting for High Noon come Monday when W shows up in SC.

Trump correctly opposed the War, like Obama. He blames debt and disaster on W and Company.

What more could one want?

Still Donald has to do is get out from under his bread and butter idiocy that no one accepts, save the un-majority that loves him.

But I have good news for Donald. The media will take care of that for him.

The cleanup is beginning as we speak. It is called. “He really didn’t mean it.”

Too bad Jeb could not have said that about W.

Stephen C. Rose is the author of SILENT REVOLUTION. He writes daily onMedium . His books are available on Kindle . Twitter is the center of his activities online.


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