abba's way

Wisdom Fragments 3

Nothing need be necessary. Necessity limits freedom.

We do not know whence we came. Nor do we know where we go.

Spirit mainly means unbreakable. Spirit precedes and remains.

Material is degradable. Material can be here and gone.

We are material and spirit. We do not know the half of it.

Spirit transcends feeling. Spirit transcends everything.

Earth is denigrated. Earth is one in a trillion or so.

We do not know whereof we speak. We speak what we don’t know.

Intuition is our friend. Practice is our daily ally.

Nothing is natural. Nature is.

abba's way

Breathing In

I write everything that happens

fall where may

Here’s one on meditation

a discovery

What puts you in near trance

It cannot be the same for everyone

But that is how I fathom a certain level of consciousness

If I breathe in my own mantra Love Power deeply

and on exhale say perhaps a few words as a target

it takes but three such breaths to bring on

a state that I once thought inaccessible

Of late I’ve used this to access advice on what to choose to do

and to modify an ache here and an incipient one there

I consciously sense almost instant results

I am not saying these are that big or otherwise worth noting

only that they are worth it to me


More and more I believe everything like this should be free

I am not sure how this will sit

or even how it would sit with me if that was my only choice

But I think realization for pay is an invitation

to believe that the true wonder

we can reap from one another

is skewered by the need to somehow prosper

because of the good you intend to do

Maybe the answer is somewhere else

as in just having nothing be secret

or commercial or anything —

if it involves the majority of ourselves

which is not physical

I shudder to think of the consequences of making a book for sale regarding anything spiritually significant

All education of any sort should be freely available

sans anything

abba's way

Life Review

Here is my life review as I imagine it

based on everything I have inferred from

hearing myriad accounts

that all say much the same thing

First there will be whatever sort of viewing apparatus I would find convenient

It would flash before me everything to do with mainly one thing

Something I may be totally unaware of

That would be the EFFECT my expressions and actions had on others

That’s right we are finally faced with effects, not things we look on as redemptive

Effects on folk I blew off, hurt, or harmed.

Effects on readers of my words.

My Life Review will lead to real guilt. It will be subsumed in unconditional love.

I will end up in wherever is appropriate to my awareness of what must take place now.

Life reviews are universal. They take place in eternal time, faster than light.

They signal evil does not exist save as something we believe.

Love never leaves us and is always available. We have only to think it.