abba's way

Life Review

Here is my life review as I imagine it

based on everything I have inferred from

hearing myriad accounts

that all say much the same thing

First there will be whatever sort of viewing apparatus I would find convenient

It would flash before me everything to do with mainly one thing

Something I may be totally unaware of

That would be the EFFECT my expressions and actions had on others

That’s right we are finally faced with effects, not things we look on as redemptive

Effects on folk I blew off, hurt, or harmed.

Effects on readers of my words.

My Life Review will lead to real guilt. It will be subsumed in unconditional love.

I will end up in wherever is appropriate to my awareness of what must take place now.

Life reviews are universal. They take place in eternal time, faster than light.

They signal evil does not exist save as something we believe.

Love never leaves us and is always available. We have only to think it.


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