Updated May 14, 2013 (only changed date and age.)

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I’m a 77-year-old born-and-raised New Yorker living on the island where I was born. I have always made my living writing, thinking and composing. I believe music is among the most profound therapies. I believe in self-analysis based on some principles of Assagioli’s psychosynthesis. I practice guidance and goal-setting. More.

Drilling down a bit:

Civil Rights: See http://www.crmvet.org/vet/roses.htm

Religion: Podcasts related to Beyond Creed.

Politics: Obama to me = reason and common sense. Obama is a consensus creator. The US will lead to the extent that it creates an economy that is post-oil and post-car. We need integral human settlements where most everything you need to live (schools, first aid, shops, pueblo dwellings, recreation, etc.) is within walking distance. Where High tech meets Christopher Alexander’s pattern language. We need more and more to see that heaven is attainable on earth to the extent that vision of its attainment is part of the spectrum of consciousness of each individual.

Homicide: The worst crime one can commit is to deny the fundamental freedom and dignity of any individual to make decisions that affect that individual’s destiny. I reject any thinking that would abridge the right of any individual to say no.


Born in NYC, attended Oberlin & Trinity Schools, then Exeter and Williams (Phi Beta Kappa 1958). Worked with the Reverend James Robinson, finished Union Theological Seminary in NYC (1961). Joined Student Interracial Ministry in Nashville. Founded Renewal Magazine in Chicago, served The Christian Century and Christianity Crisis magazines. Covered civil rights in Oxford, Birmingham and Selma. Interviewed Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X. My book The Grass Roots Church had impact on the ecumenical movement. Have authored some 15 books, been a house-husband and father of three wonderful (grown) children. I have written published music choral and popular. Most recently I served in UN agencies including UNICEF in NYC and edited CHOICES which was the flagship magazine of UNDP. This solo blog seeks to revive the better elements of the 1960s and warns against the dangers that can rise during times of intense change. In terms of readership and potential influence, it reaches beyond any book or article circulation I’ve ever had.

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  1. Gene says:

    Hi! Just discovered your site. I see that you’ve blogrolled my site. Much appreciated! I have, of course, returned the favour.

    Kind regards!

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