abba's way


Democracy will never be
When we are ruled by secrecy.

When trillions simply disappear
and rulers get their way by fear;

When truth is hidden and unknown,
And we get only what is showm;

Wheb hopes and dreams are qualified
By hidden factors, lies denied;

God has no use for evil ways,
That stunt our growth and mute our praise.

I guess we could deny we’re free,
But God gave us democracy.

abba's way

Material Fundamentalism

Material Fundamentalism


There is this thing about truncated reality. Truncated reality would be the material world. Truncated reality would be what we call history.

More and more I believe the term fundamentalism should be applied to any form of thought that claims truth for something that is in itself truncated. Truth to be true must be beautiful. The place where truth cannot be truncated is heaven.

Material fundamentalism takes the material world for all there is even when the wisest thinkers — Wittgenstein comes to mind — knew viscerally that what is true lay in the unspeakable realm. Heaven is unspeakable and therefore reality.


Therefore the material world is unspeakable, but in a different way. We should treat material events like scenes in a play and ourselves as critics. Whatever we write has a clear stamp of truth, but the truth is our utter inability to escape our own perspective. To claim truth for what is our own perspective is what I mean by material fundamentalism.

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