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Romney-Ryan Offer No Pathway to Self Reliance

More than three-fifths of the cuts proposed by Mr. Ryan come from programs for low-income Americans. These cuts are so severe that the nation’s Catholic bishops protested the proposal as failing to meet society’s moral obligations, saying the plans “will hurt hungry children, poor families, vulnerable seniors.”

To Mr. Ryan, the poor will benefit when they no longer rely on government handouts. But his plans contain no pathway to self-reliance for the tens of millions of people who are either poor, unemployed or uninsured. In his world, they will be entirely on their own, or will rely on charity.

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Taking away without giving. Democrats have struggled for years to create a pathway and  have done no better. We have a sprawl-prison-car-enslaved nation. The answer lies in radical social change that can only happen when we have rid Congress of its most deleterious members. Then we can legislate to create car-free communities that build diversity into their fabric based on people’s aspirations and desires. Defeating  sprawl society and its policies and presuppositions is the agenda.

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Cantor, Boehner, Obama Poetics

Cantor Poetics

Applying the four most prominent rhetorical elements of poetry to the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.
Obama Poetics

Poetic Politics for Barack Obama – Four Forms of Rhetoric With A Not To Harold Bloom
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Prepping for A Democratic Bloodbath

That is a bitter headline folks.

While all the pundits are jawing about the divisions on the Republican side, I will jaw about the failure of the party I have voted for forever to capitalize on the Obama victory, on his popularity and on the political opportunities that have been given to us over the last months.

Yes I say opportunities because I have learned to immunize myself to the Chris Matthews virus, the Ed Schults bluster and Kieth and Rachel’s intermittent immaturity and sounded a single theme,  in the face of lack of interest and an occasional suggestion that I protest too much.

My point is that this is the time when the Democratic Party could and should have been taking up the cudgels and pushing the Obama agenda, not letting the dumb media write the script. There is only one person that I believe had the moxie to pull this off and he was off writing a book about the campaign. They say that David Plouffe is as powerful as ever. I do not believe it.

The unwritten text of the last months is that Obama was given a golden opportunity to take over and mould the party — essentially transferring the Obama in America brand direct to the DNC. This has NOT happened despite the protests of those who have worked day and night to make it happen. The narrative has been successfully distorted and the reality has begun to reflect it.

Tomorrow I see no consolation emerging. I do not see a Deeds upset. Even if Corzine ekes out a win I do not count that a triumph. And if Hoffman validates the polling I find that NY 23 result a travesty for the Democrats. I see this as a kick in the knee to our party. And I can hear the cartilage tearing. Slush!

Obama is a centrist whose heart is progressive and whose brain is pragmatic. David Plouffe   is an instinctive winning political operative who has the best grasp of how to frame things since the Kennedy’s appeared to be more intelligent than they actually were in practice.

I do not know if there is still time to clean up the mess that we are in.

But I do know what would make it happen. I have said it since before Obama’s smashing and long predicted victory. I was shocked at the decisions made then. Disappointed in the way the transition failed to see the need and address it. And now I am writing the report card.

No Obama bigwigs frequent this blog. If  they did I would likely know it. Sometimes a peripheral person will say right on and confess that they too have no access.

Harold Bloom is the public intellectual who serves as the linchpin for this post. He has militantly insisted that individuals make history.

I share that insistence. The only remedy I see is for the party to do now what it should have done more than a year ago.

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Comment On: Matthew Hoh Interviewed By Zakaria: 60,000 Troops In Afghanistan Won’t Defeat Al Qaida (VIDEO)

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How can the President exit Afghanistan and not be seen as caving in on the war on terror?

First, the notion that he will not decide this is wrong. His taking of time has nothing to do with the elections in this country and everything to do with the mode of operation he always follows. He gets done what is possible to do. That is what politics is about. He is a good politician because most often he achieves what he says he wants to achieve.

I think every moment of delay is a victory for those who believe that we need to leave Afghanistan. The question is how. I think this is what he will eventually tell the Ameriican people with a step by step indication of how he intends to proceed.

The elements of such steps might well be 1. A gradual effort to provide support for development in areas where this is feasible; 2. outreach to the elements of the insurgency that are amenable to negotiation; 3. continued direct attacks on the actual centers of terror export ; 4. more and more emphasis on challenging the root political assumptions of religious fundamentalism about total domination of nations and regions; 5. and a frank calculation that our ultimate global interest lies in achieving a real recovery here, a work that has barely begun.

The President has proven a master at achieving wins where they are least expected. Don’t write him off yet.

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Twitter Tip: A Radical Approach to Spam Follows

Twitter Tip: A Radical Approach to Spam Follows

If you invite someone by following them, you are ALREADY following them, whether or not they reply with a “following you” email.

This means you do NOT need to fear deleting ALL your “following you” email. Acceptance emails complete the loop. The rest of your “following you” email is spam or prospecting for followers.

If you want to go completely radical on this and pare your list of followers down, then post something like the following as needed.

SPAM follows. I now delete all following email.If I miss you, send me a @ reply with FOLLOW. I will check these. Thanks. S

To rephrase this, I believe if someone you want to follow gets missed, he or she should be invited to send you a @ reply with FOLLOW as the message. This means I can check the profile again and follow the person.

Naturally if you get mail from someone you follow and recognize it, you can and should keep it. But if you are getting tens and even hundreds of spam and prospecting follows each day,an approach like this may help.

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PPP: Obama Rates Highest Ever in NC

Polling seems a bit retro as we move into the doing phase of the Obama movement, but this from PPP caught my eye. Barack Obama now has the highest approval rating ever in North Carolina, breaking the fifty percent barrier.

To me this means that what the wingnut Repubicans should fear in 2010 is not attacks from the right but a whole new slew of Obamicans running for office and killing them at the polls. Tremble wingnuts. Your day is near.