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Brian Schweitzer for Vice President

WESTERN STRATEGY — A BRAND NEW PAGE that is a COMPANION to this page. And here’s another Schweitzer for VP page.

WHEN TWO OR THREE ARE GATHERED. The Caped Composer has thrown more bread on the waters for Schweitzer. I am getting emails from Obama supporters that underline a need to consider the West. And, happily, the site I am now commending as the best access to reliable polling data has also weighed in on Schweitzer.

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People are beginning to consider Governor Schweitzer as a potential Obama Vice President. This page is a frank effort to vett the Governor. To see if he would be a good match. I will build it as links and videos come to the fore. You are welcome to comment (civilly).

Brian Schweitzer Explains How Democrats Can Take Back The Nation in November

I like this the best as I fantasize him debating the Republican VP candidate.

Here is a radically condensed version of Brian Schweitzer’s Wikipedia Page

Schweitzer was born in Havre, Montana. He was the fourth of six children born to a German-Russian father, Adam, and an Irish mother, Kay. Schweitzer earned his Bachelor of Science degree in international agronomy from Colorado State University in 1978 and a Master of Science in soil science from Montana State University in 1980. Upon finishing school, he worked as an irrigation developer on projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. He spent several years in Saudi Arabia and speaks Arabic. …

… When incumbent Governor Judy Martz announced she would not run for re-election in 2004, Schweitzer announced his candidacy. His running mate was John Bohlinger, a Republican state senator. He won the general election by a margin of 50 to 46 percent over Montana Secretary of State Bob Brown. Both while campaigning and as governor, Schweitzer became known for an easygoing and folksy public persona. …

… In March 2005, Schweitzer suggested that Montana’s National Guard troops be recalled from service in Iraq to assist firefighting during Montana’s wildfire season. He has also gained national attention lately for his focus on converting Montana’s vast coal reserves into fuel …

… Schweitzer is against gun control … and a vehement critic of the REAL ID legislation.

… On May 3, 2006, Schweitzer granted posthumous pardons to 78 persons convicted of sedition during World War I…

The Governor is up for reelection this year.

A most salient comment by The Caped Composer on an Atlantic piece on Veep possibilities in January

Regarding Sebelius as Obama’s VP, I would say she is my second choice. I agree with MichelleV and LookingAhead in terms of why Sebelius would be a good choice. However, I personally think that Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana would be the best pick for Obama. Schweitzer is a galvanizer who can drum up support all across the Mountain West (a region that I predict will be hotly contested, as it is a growing area for us, but also a stronghold for Mitt Romney, who may be the GOP nominee). Furthermore, Schweitzer has been a true agent of change in his native Montana, implementing progressive environmental policies. He is definitely not a DINO, and, furthermore, would be a very effective “attack dog” against the Republicans. He’d be the perfect choice for Obama, providing a similarity of message along with a stark contrast in regional and ethnic background. (I should mention that Schweitzer, like Sebelius, is Catholic). An Obama/Schweitzer ticket would be a lasting legacy ticket, aiming at a viable 16 years of leadership. But, barring that, Sebelius would be a great choice, too.


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