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A Nice Review of New Rain with a Download Link

New Rain has new life at Heavenly Grooves

The winds of rebellion are blowing once again
The people are a’stirrin’they are wondering when

— From John The Baptist’s Song, New Rain, The Story of Jesus In Song

New Rain: The Story Of Jesus In Song is one of the very few to explore the more progressive hippie grassroots style you’re accustomed to finding on labels like Rounder, Philo and Flying Fish.


new rain

new rain


Listen to New Rain.

This is a recording I wrote and made in the 1970s. It is over 50 minutes but worth a hearing, I believe.

Just Click the play button. Adjust volume on your computer. Enjoy.

new rain

New Rain — The Life of Jesus in Original Music

This is the formal publication of New Rain, a recording that appeared during the 1970s, but which remains a definitive presentation of the life of Jesus in original music by Stephen C. Rose who wrote both the music and lyrics, with the exception of the ballad of Jesus, God’s Outlaw, whose melody was composed by Alice Statz. Alsice also arranged the entire composition.

The performers are Alice Spatz, Stephen C. Rose, Irene Vassos, Lois Rose and Larry Spatz. Some 17 instruments are used.

The recording takes approximately 50 minutes as this online version contains cuts that were too long to include when the original recording was made.

To play simply click the > button on the BYO Audio link below. YOu will need to keep the page open while the music is playing.