A Sensible Analysis of Why Dems Are Happy after The Senate Vote

From Eric Alterman here. Read the whole thing to get the whole argument.

But why then, are (most) Democrats so happy and (all) Republicans so glum this Christmas? My guess is that Democrats are gambling on exactly the same ground that so worried William Kristol 16 years ago. They’ve redefined the playing field of American politics to ground that is inherently favorable to their team. When Americans complain about their health care in the future, are they going to look to the party that wants to do nothing to fix it? No, they’re going to go with the side of political activism and government involvement. The other side, after all, isn’t even in the game. Republicans had their chance and all they could say was “Bah Humbug.”


Of course this is not over yet, though the Alterman piece argues for a Pelosi effort to let the Senate bill get through the House unscathed.

I would continue to maintain that if the House situation dissolves over Stupak issues, a more liberal compromise might be reached and the Senate would either pass it with 60 votes, of as likely, things would move to reconciliation as I have assumed from the start.

Either way things look OK for the Dems and even better for those who can be identified as enthusiastic for health care reform. I think even the ladies from Maine will be vulnerable to Democrats.

Reinstall Plouffe either at DNC or in the White House Rahm position and I will have a completely happy new year.