COMMENT ON: Jim Bunning Repeatedly Blocks Unemployment Benefits Extension, Tells Dem ‘Tough Shit’

This guy should be taken out to a shack where one of the people he is preventing payment to lives and walk in his or her shoes for a year. This is merely another reason why the party of NO will go down in 2010. No one other than Arnold and a few other non-Senators has had the nerve to challenge the NOness strategy. Though in actuality the President has. Yesterday was merely a repeat of what he said previoously. You want to fight? Wait for 2010 and see who wins.

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COMMENT ON: ‘Volcker Rule’ Stalls In Senate: Geithner May Give Regulators Leeway In Applying Plan

Democratic and Republican Senators who obstruct the effort to create robust finance/bank regulation should be thrown out of office by their various constituencies. We possess the ultimate power. When we elected these bozos we failed to use it well. 2010 is a chance to do right, not repeat history, We should also require any Senators we elect to end the filibuster.

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COMMENT ON: Evan Bayh Not Running For Re-Election

I am hoping that Democrats in 2010 will run as “Obama Democrats”. The centrism of Obama is very different from that of Blue Dogs. I am personally not sorry to see Evan Bayh retire. I wish all Blue Dogs would follow suit. Add to them all who are so sated on corporate interest money that they have no will or heart for change.

The polls suggest that what is needed is an Obama party on the Democratic side and a Republican party willing to work with Obama. I think the last half of this need will not be met. This makes it more and more obvious that Blue Dogs are the problem.

I think candidates who commit to the long term Obama agenda will win. I hope David Plouffe gets on the sticks and goes with this program. The problem isn’t partisanship. It’s idiocy.

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How Obama Will Pull Health Care Out of The Fire

How Obama Will Pull Health Care Out of The Fire

Obama success lies in reason and patience. And in understanding media. The media is all anxiety and impatience, faced with Web competition and ad loss.

The president is for a public option. The president needs to make this convincingly budget neutral. The president needs not to raise taxes on the middle class.

Media today says, “Looks like Obama is euchred this time.”

Yep. Just like Wright, Ayers, the Debates, Super Tuesday, FISA.

So how will this go down”

Obama will stand with a public option and find a way to maintain acceptable budget neutrality, something he can sell to voters.


A galvanizing address to the nation. An all-stops counterpunch from the rope-a-dope.

I am guessing the President will do this on or about July 4.

The speech will say: Pass this now. But in the background there will be 2010 and 2012.

Organizing for America is not about getting this done and folding. It is about getting this done right no matter how long it may take.

Passing an imperfect act now would be hailed by media as a huge defeat for the President. But it would merely be a step. It would pave the way for a cleaning out of lobby-rich Senators.

Obama was not unwise to reach out to these folk. We will not be unwise for beating them at the polls if the popular will is defeated.

It is simple. We may see this resolved very soon, but if we don’t the victims will not merely be the American people but those who denied them the chance for universal care. Obama will make this choice clear. Either repent and be saved or do down at the polls.


President Obama’s Weekly Address May 2, ’10

President’s Weekly Address — VIDEO, TRANSCRIPT

President Obama: This is also why the Centers for Disease Control has recommended that schools and child care facilities with confirmed cases of the virus close for up to fourteen days.  It is why we urge employers to allow infected employees to take as many sick days as necessary.  If more schools are forced to close, we’ve also recommended that both parents and businesses think about contingency plans if children do have to stay home.  We have asked every American to take the same steps you would take to prevent any other flu:  keep your hands washed; cover your mouth when you cough; stay home from work if you’re sick; and keep your children home from school if they’re sick.  And the White House has launched pages in Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to support the ongoing efforts by the CDC to update the public as quickly and effectively as possible.

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    PPP Guesses Wrong on 2010 Methinks

    Public Policy Polling argues that because 2010 Democratic candidates seem lackluster now, there may be a conservative trend among independents that will help Republicans in that vaunted year to come. Methinks this is all speculation, based on the defection of bruised Republicans to independent ranks, and the assumption that they will return to the roost anon.

    Well maybe yes and maybe no.

    It is said that the President’s second choice of an occupation was/is architecture. We are building something new. Maybe all things will be new, who knows?

    I do know there are the following mountains the President must cross before any assumptions about 2010 will make a modicum of sense.

    1. FISCAL — the debt must appear manageable and controlled.

    2. RIGHTS — we must have had our Watergate moment with the Bush criminals.

    3. ECONOMY — the nation must learn how to chug along not being a gross consumer society but more the sort of post-predatory society that Veblen may have dreamed of on good days. Somehow people must feel a better and more stable day is nigh.

    4. HEALTH — not merely light at the end of the health care reform tunnel, but a sense of control in a world rife with health dangers including the current flu scare.

    5. GREEN — I doubt that this will be settled beyond the retrofitting stage by 2010 but the consensus must exist for more and better public things and less private things like cars and single family metrosprawl homes.

    6. TERROR must be defeated not merely in its present guises but as a concept that can coexist with a mature and civilized world.

    This is just off the top of my addled pate. The idea that we can predict 2010 is absurd. We can work for it though. And that is the task of the bestirring Obama movement, which is giving a few happy signs of wakening to the enormity if the tasks before us. Happily the President is a wakeful person who figured things out a whole back.


    PPP Poll: Dems in Illinois Could Lose Burris Seat in ’10


    I am pretty sure things can be righted in Illinois without ceding what should be a Democratic Senate seat to the Republicans. But then again, Democrats would have solved this by appointing Diane Nash instead of Burris.

    Maybe Jon Stewart should move to Illinois and run. More realisticaly, the Dems would most likely win with Lisa Madigan as their standard bearer, or so PPP finds.