Obama: Share the Afpak Burden


It is not a matter of sharing the liability. It is not even a matter of enlarging forces, though there are arguments for enlarging it so it is not the US bearing a disproportionate burden.

The true goal is to broadcast global, even monolithic opposition to the criminality of the terror movement and to make it obvious that efforts to expand its lethal reach are not viable.


Taliban Bluster Downward Slope


The “leader” of the Taliban in Pakistan is an Osama wannabe named Baitullah Mehsud and he has just subtracted one digit from my personal Success Meter for the Obama Strategy for Afpak.

The scale goes from 10 — serious — to 1 — manageable. In other words our juvenile delinquent enemy has just signaled some serious weakness. Subtract one point.

Though we had credible 9/11 warning, we never had anything as brazen as BM’s scare effort. It speaks to me less of a capable operation poised to do real damage and more of bravado in an environment of substantial disorganization and drift.

I have no taste for conflict of any sort, as if that made any difference, but I am warming to watch our “enemy” try to pick apart a target range when we are moving in the right direction and they are more and more marginalized by their own behavior and their apparent allegiance to the priestly superstitions that underlie terrorism of all stripes.

The Success Meter can go the other way in the event of a mistake by the Obama forces. Today, while the MSM is crying scary, I am feeling a tad safer.