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Cigarettes are the paradigm for global nonviolent change.

1051. Cigarettes are the paradigm for global nonviolent change.

1051a. We are in the infancy of our capacity to prove what harms.

1051b. For the first time in history we can base ethics on values and scientific certainty.

1051b1. Scientific certainty is never entirely certain.

1051b2. Scientific certainty grows as time proves out its premises.

1051b3. Scientific certainty is useless if we do not agree on values.

1051c. The values that underlie ethical science are tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry.

1051d. Cigarettes are still a massive global problem.

1051d1. Cigarettes show how Triadic Philosophy works globally.

1051d2. Harm > Proofs > Whistleblowing

1051d3. Governance > Struggle > Successes

1051e. The challenge of cigarettes demonstrates the need for global democratic revolution.

1051f. Cigarettes is the paradigm for global democratic revolution.

The above is drawn from the continually growing book Triadic Philosophy. Please check it out on Kindle.

Cars do more damage than cigarettes. Click the image above to pursue.

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