Joe Biden Chooses His Cheney Words With Care

For once, someone has pointed out that the President has prosecuted the war on terror with a high level of commitment and a high level of success. And that Dick Cheney is simply wrong on all points when he takes on Mr. Obama.

No one can accuse Joe Biden of flying off the handle. On this video he is being a stellar veep. He earned his salary in just a half a minute.



Comment On: Why Joe Biden Should Resign

Biden will not resign. He is being loyal. This post will raise the issue. Fine. But his resigning would be the worst thing of all.

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Unreported? Progressives Visit Obama

I would never have known without reading the following from Greg Sargent.

A number of progressive worthies had drinks at the White House with the President, the First Lady and the Vice President.

“The gist was, `We’re gonna need people out there telling the story of the stimulus and telling the story about how much we need big health care reform and clean energy and green jobs,’” the attendee says.

Among those on the guest list: Labor leaders Jimmy Hoffa, Gerry McEntee and Andy Stern, MoveOn’s Eli Pariser; Sierra Club’s Carl Pope; Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richardson; and Joe Solomonese of Human Rights Watch.

Word of the gathering first leaked out when Ben Smith posted Andy Stern’s Twitter saying he’d just been at the reception.

This is a key development for progressive leaders; more soon.

There is more where this came from.


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Gentrification Rampant in Pakistan

Interesting that we can fight wars all over and that the march toward social stratification continues at the very same time. And that we rarely connect the two phenomena.

In the case of Pakistan, gentrification is spreading like an uncontrolled weed in the larger and smaller cities but due to the differences in status of the population, the disadvantages are greatly outweighing the advantages for the people that are getting displaced in the process.


Here is a footnote from the Daily Times of Pakistan. The whole article is worth a read as it deals with Biden’s recent trip there.

Pakistan today is fighting more than one war. To achieve any measure of success in its war on terror, it must declare war on illiteracy and poverty as well, the two causal factors that Al Qaeda and the Taliban recognised and have exploited with success in this impoverished country. It is going to take much more than military hardware and aid to combat terrorism to pull Pakistan back from the brink. It is going to take patience, understanding and political will on the part of the Obama administration if it wants to see a democratically viable and reliable Pakistan.