COMMENT ON: New Rule: Stop Saying “Sex Addict” Like It’s a Bad Thing

Damn! Bill Maher. I was just about to write how much I admire the guy. If you can’t have commentary from Mark Twain, Bill is pretty good. And all that.

I envy Bill. He probably got this published on submission, being a celebrity and all. I still have two now out-of-date “blogs” sitting in my HuffPo queue.


After seducing me with the question as to whether sex addiction is really real, Maher booted it by not tackling the question in the body of his note. His note was good stand up, but it doesn’t pass the salient thought test.

I am willing to define addiction as anything that can warrant a diagnosis that some scientists (doctors) will accept and that some feel applies to them enough to warrant seeking help. And to follow that with a suggestion that addiction is. to a large extent a rationalization dressed up as an hypothesis.

Our world thrives on characterization and assumptions about others. Labeling is rife. Choice turns into necessity.

Bill would have done a good thing examining the prevalent use of sex addiction as an explanation for human behavior.

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