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Everything is real. The rest is classification (phenomenology) and judgment (ethics, aesthetics).

Everything is real. The rest is classification (phenomenology) and judgment (ethics, aesthetics)..

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Of eBay, China and a Mildred Purse PS

eBay is significant as a large Web business and all such businesses have a stake in viable partnerships related to China. Two of the posts below reference that. The third is in the spirit of Mildred Purse which speaks for itself.

EBay Continues to Try in China

June 10, 2011
Annals of Business
EBay China

September 15, 2010
eBay Seems Smart. eBay Partnering with China Seems Smart. This Forbes Video Seems Smart. With a brief comment on the wisdom of U.S. China partnership.
Mildred Purse Won’t Auction Her Ideas on Ebay

March 21, 2011
Mildred Purse is a resident of Beacon Hill, Boston. She is related to the Purses who founded Massachusetts but does not parade the fact. With some reason.


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Scary John Boehner

In laughter there is sometimes a trace of fear. For those on the receiving end of Boehner’s draconian polities, fear is no laughing matter.

These posts were written in anticipation of disasters to come.


Boehner: Chain Smoking, High Living, National Menace

Boehner: Chain Smoker, Deluxe Traveler, National Menace. If I was central casting, I would not think twice. Boehner fills the bill for a chain-smoking, high living national menace. And it isn’t funny. It’s scary
Boehner’s Disaster of a Plan – a Recipe for Democratic Victory in November

Boehner’s Disaster of a Plan – A Recipe for Democratic Victory in November. If Boehner’s disaster of a plan is enacted, we will face massive increases in unemployment and further bleeding of the middle class.
Bachmann Boehner Ryan

Bachmann Boehner Ryan – three who have come out for privatizing social security
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Mildred Purse on John Boehner

Mildred Purse is one of John Boehner’s most articulate critics. She’s filled with good ideas for the Leader.


Mildred Purse Says Cantor Wants Boehner Out

Mildred says that all she has to do is look at Cantor standing behind the Speaker to know he is up to no good. She jumps to the aid of John Boehner, believing him much maligned by his own close associates.


Nightmare John Boehner

Mildred Purse is one among several characters rising daily in the mind of your erstwhile correspondent. He claims no responsibility whatsoever for her utterances.
Mildred Purse Says Put Boehner in Manning’s Cell

I cannot restrain her. She is loony as a drunken lark. Speaking of drunks, she is accusing John Boehner of crimes worse than those the Army has leveled at Bradley Manning. Whatever shall we do?
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4 Posts on Food Safety

These posts will not save you from the dangers of random poisoning and other mishaps that accompany the ingestion of food as an inevitable consquence of our need for nourishment. But they do carry a warning or two.

In a world going global, food safety requires regulation. In a world awash in oil, we need to think about the relation of food and energy

Radiated Food

Mildred Purse goes for the grit in the headlines, far beyond the typical news-gatherer’s ken. She finds this disturbing piece of important information and thanks Abba that Greenpeace is keeping us honest while everyone else lies.
Suicide Is Many Faceted Take Processed Foods – Senryu with Slides

We eat processed food With unknown ingredients The death rate rises And our dear government subsidizes junk food producers
Obama Puts Teeth in Food Safety

Obama Puts Teeth in Food Safety – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
In My World There is No Fast Food

June 7, 2010
“Howl” spoke of the destruction of the best minds of our generation. No Fast Foods
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Schmooze My Profile Page

This is an open invitation to all to schmooze my  profile at Yahoo Contributor Network aka Associated Content.


Because it represents a model for anyone who believes as I do that eventually most people will be paid via the Web and that most of what is transacted will be transacted on line. In such a world the only way to get paid is via a system of micropayment that is keyed to factors that are largely impossible to calibrate on a blog. I moved to Associated content for precisely this reason.

But it was hardly the only or most important reason.

I wanted a place where I could, over time, organize my work and make it easily searchable. There is no better platform for this than my  profile page.

I also made the move to gain traffic for my posts. I would estimate that over all traffic has doubled.

This is not a huge advance relatively speaking, but it is progress.

So please schmooze my profile and leave a comment here to tell me what you think.



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