Natalya Estemirova Murder Reveals Russia’s “Terror Campaign”: Activists Speak Out

Chechnya’s Climate of Permissiveness, Impunity and Grave Crimes

From The Article at HuffingtonPost

GROZNY, Russia ” Weeping mourners walked through Chechnya’s capital on Thursday to honor activist Natalya Estemirova, whose brazen kidnapping and execution-style killing shocked Russia’s beleaguered human rights community and prompted international outrage.

In Moscow, Russia’s leading rights advocates blamed Chechnya’s Kremlin-backed president for the killing. They also said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin shared responsibility for the slaying and for the lawlessness plaguing the North Caucasus region.

“They have killed our soul,” said Oleg Orlov, head of the Memorial rights group that Estemirova worked for.


We can and must expect that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton will deal with this forcefully , not least to help surviving workers who are made ever more vulnerable wherever impunity reigns.

We can also hope that the media that have remained silent will finally join in focusing on a crime which is every bit as serious as repression in Iran.

The religionists who have used just war and exceptionalist premises to cover a multitude of sins, should forcefully that the deity that the deity does not countenance violence of any sort.

We now have weapons in this battle that we did not have before the advent of cyberspace. It is time to cast the light of all that can be known on this heinous crime and let the eyes of justice probe beyond rote claims and locate those who conceived and carried out this affront to civilization.

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Twitter Tip: A Radical Approach to Spam Follows

Twitter Tip: A Radical Approach to Spam Follows

If you invite someone by following them, you are ALREADY following them, whether or not they reply with a “following you” email.

This means you do NOT need to fear deleting ALL your “following you” email. Acceptance emails complete the loop. The rest of your “following you” email is spam or prospecting for followers.

If you want to go completely radical on this and pare your list of followers down, then post something like the following as needed.

SPAM follows. I now delete all following email.If I miss you, send me a @ reply with FOLLOW. I will check these. Thanks. S

To rephrase this, I believe if someone you want to follow gets missed, he or she should be invited to send you a @ reply with FOLLOW as the message. This means I can check the profile again and follow the person.

Naturally if you get mail from someone you follow and recognize it, you can and should keep it. But if you are getting tens and even hundreds of spam and prospecting follows each day,an approach like this may help.

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Needed: US-China Mega-Partnership

The Obama Administration has already laid the basis for good relations with China. The next step should be work toward a genuine, open and mutually profitable economic and technological partnership to green the world.

The amount of investment to pull this off is China-US-sized. Trillions are involved. And China has already begun to understand scale in a way that we have not even begun to grasp. Ecoblocks are just a hint of the need. And the opportunity.

I have the feeling that such a partnership would do a great deal to ease tensions over the volume of US indebtedness to China. Not only would the profitability of this partnership help fill presently languishing coffers; specific pieces of the work could be undertaken in the context of retiring a portion of the indebtedness. I cannot believe the creation of an open, dynamic green-focused partnership would not be of massive mutual benefit, helping the US to ensure economic and fiscal viability and China to move fully into the community of nations as a dominant economic engine.

There is too much tension elsewhere in the world not to justify a partnership of this sort. An economic partnership might have positive implications for such efforts as lowering nuclear stockpiles, prosecuting a successful anti-terror effort and maintaining stability on the Korean peninsula.

Let me close with what I think is the main reason why such a partnership is necessary. It has to do with scale.

At some point, an exclusive effort to develop urban areas on past models will prove less than viable. There will need to be a quantum leap to new urban designs which are able to incorporate the elements needed for green sustainability.

The only alternative I can see to this is to go nuclear in a huge way, rather in the manner of France. However such a move would also require the combined effort of the world’s two most powerful nations to ensure that the last barriers to complete safety and security are bridged.

I will not be surprised if, sooner than later, something like the partnership I am discussing here comes into being. It makes as much sense as it did to open the door to China during the Nixon years.

To summarize, my sense of a viable Obama foreign policy — a policy of containing terrorism carried out by a growing global alliance; a U.S. China partnership to achieve major economies of scale in greening the globe; and a continuation of the clear progress Secretary Clinton and others are making to press both a global anti poverty agenda and a human rights agenda.

I naturally hope that these efforts will be leavened by a growing attention to the considerations embodied in the term pattern language.


Hillary Hearing Live All Over

And here is the NYTimes Live Blog. GO

She is talking great and from the fatigue she displays she has been working hard to prepare.

UPDATE … Looks as though CSPAN will be your best bet for uninterrupted coverage.

Corker’s question about management needs a Powell answer — namely the assignment of tasks that are doable and a sense of caring from the very top. This is what Powell brought to Foggy Bottom.

Her Darfur words are tough and salient. “Corrupt regime.”

Lunch break. Possible resuption at 2:00 PM Eastern or so.


Today’s Big White House Presidential Lunch

Yes, they will all be there, the living ones. A pow-wow. Just as in 1981, with the Middle East the probable discussion centerpiece. Change would be to have one where it was something else.

All of the living presidents were last at the White House in 1981: Richard Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan, who was president then. The three former presidents were there before leaving as part of the American delegation to the funeral of Egypt’s Anwar Sadat, who had been assassinated.

On that day, all the presidents stood in a circle inside the White House, discussing news of the world. The dominant topic? The Middle East.


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Hillary’s Post-PA $10 Million A Lie

Hillary Clinton came out the day after the PA primary with the triumphant assertion that her campaign had raised $10 million. This was a bald-faced lie, according to the Federal Election Commission which monotors contribution to candidates.

According to the FEC, Clinton took in $1,738,154.61 on April 23 and $2,578,730.28 on April 24.

It is hard to reconcile these figures with the confident claim I recall Terry McAuliffe spinning out the ten million figure all over the MSM on the day after the PA primary.

It is also hard to arrive at an accurate estimate of the actual indebtedness of the Clinton campaign.

But it cannot escape the attention of superdelegates that fiscal responsibility is a major qualification for a Presidential nominee. In such a contest, Obama would win over Clinton hands down.

Not to mention veracity.

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Clinton + FOX + Denial + Absurdity

AND NOW THERE SURFACES a chilling, documented account of Hillary Clinton’s propensities when she served on the Watergate Committee at age 27.

AP REPORTS that Obama is now 49 delegates away from the nomination with the addition of two superdelegates yesterday from Hawaii.

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Clinton + FOX + Denial + Absurdity. My headline and the headline on the following excerpt from the Washington Post blog says it all. It was on FOX that the increasingly absurd Terry McAuliffe delivered the screed that Hillary’s utterly understandable double entendre RFK reference was the fault of the Barack Obama campaign.

To see how absurd this is, please read my Hillary Clinton’s Assassination Speak.

The ripple effect of Clinton’s initial remarks was also played out on FOX. See Secret Service Notified of FOX Threat.

The pathological denial pervading the Clinton camp is part of an effort to stall the end of this primary contest as long as possible.

It is shameless and culpability cannot be laid to the Obama campaign. Barack’s response was charitable. The Clinton Camp’s response is a shameful absurdity. He did nothing to stoke any flames. That flame was lit by the Senator in five seconds of revelatory speech. It is being stoked by MSM attention, now being led Wright-like, by FOX.

It is possible now that Barack will gain the superdelegates needed to hit 2025 by the 31st. Sending one more message to Howard Wolfson, Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton, et al, that this is over.

Clinton Camp Stokes RFK Flap by Blaming Obama

By Zachary A. Goldfarb

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign accused Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign of fanning a controversy over her describing the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy late in the 1968 Democratic primary as one reason she is continuing to run for the presidency.

“The Obama campaign … tried to take these words out of context,” Clinton campaign chairman Terence R. McAuliffe said on “Fox News Sunday.” “She was making a point merely about the time line.”

The issue is particularly sensitive given longstanding concerns about Obama’s safety as a presidential candidate. (He first received Secret Service protection last May.) The Obama campaign called Clinton’s words unfortunate and circulated a TV commentary criticizing them, although Obama himself said Saturday that he took Clinton at her word that she meant no harm.

Hours after mentioning Kennedy’s assassination, Clinton said, “I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation, and particularly for the Kennedy family, was in any way offensive.”

Obama senior strategist David Axelrod dodged questions about why the campaign was still circulating commentaries criticizing Clinton even after suggesting it wants to move beyond the controversy.

“We’re beyond that issue now, so certainly we’re not trying to stir the issue up,” Axelrod said.

Asked if Clinton has personally called Obama to apologize for the reference, McAuliffe said she has not, “nor should she.” He added, “Let’s be clear. This had nothing to with Senator Obama or his campaign.”


Finally, read the whole story at the source link above and then the comments. They will demonstrate conclusively that those of us who favor Barack have no desire to fan any flames. Only some hope that a campaign based on decency and reason can be spared further insults by the Clinton camp and move on to reclaim and bring to fruition its original purpose.



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