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Schmooze My Profile Page

This is an open invitation to all to schmooze my  profile at Yahoo Contributor Network aka Associated Content.


Because it represents a model for anyone who believes as I do that eventually most people will be paid via the Web and that most of what is transacted will be transacted on line. In such a world the only way to get paid is via a system of micropayment that is keyed to factors that are largely impossible to calibrate on a blog. I moved to Associated content for precisely this reason.

But it was hardly the only or most important reason.

I wanted a place where I could, over time, organize my work and make it easily searchable. There is no better platform for this than my  profile page.

I also made the move to gain traffic for my posts. I would estimate that over all traffic has doubled.

This is not a huge advance relatively speaking, but it is progress.

So please schmooze my profile and leave a comment here to tell me what you think.