abba's way, charity, freedom, hope

I come to herald hope in deepest depths.

From the book Abba’s Way.

I come to herald hope in deepest depths.
To fill with vision depths of emptiness —
To transform the effects prideful loss,
And anger coiled in insolent repose;
To turn the howls of placelessness and pain,
Into a song of freedom once again.

To break the bars of prisons bearing signs
Named poverty and greed and driven need,
Or charity debased as remedy.
I come to bring an end to all conflict;
For conflict is the challenge at the core.
I come to free all spirits to create,
In blissful freedom from against and for.

Divided depths retain a fearsome form:
Once legions, now young armies, schooled to die,
Around which coalesce most armaments,
Condoned with pride by most authorities.
The depths I seek are deep within each being;
Their canyons course through all communities.
I say that life and death need fight no more.
Protagonists? Antagonists? No more!

Abba is wholeness, justice, peace and love;
Abba is present within every depth—
As light and life and creativity.
It only takes having the eyes to see.

I sing the song of Abba everywhere,
And summon all to live in Abba’s care.
Not as the enemies, but friends, of life,
I call on all to befriend Abba well.

And let no depth remain a source of fear.
For Abba ends every division there
There are too many elements of all,
For any single self to know it all;
To win the depths is to accept oneself,
Within the spectrum which is Abba’s realm.

Transformed depths are the very fruit I bring,
And Abba’s realm the very song I sing.

— from “Abba’s Way”