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Paper plane democratic revolution

Here’s my first of many paper plane democratic revolution graphics. Anyone can make these using Infarview. The more the merrier. We need a leaderless global awakening. It will rise up online. It already is. It will take a century to see the results we need. Print out. Make a paper plane. Let it fly.




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Inching Toward Triadic Philosophy

The binary division of thought and feelings avoids the fact that thinking in terms of ethics and aesthetics integrates reason and emotion.

Thinking in terms of ethics and aesthetics is the basis of Triadic Philosophy – my term and the title of this summary:

Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms eBook: Stephen C. Rose: Kindle Store

To divide thought and feeling is to misunderstand ourselves.

Our actions involve both reason and emotion.

Both ethics and aesthetics are a mix of reason and emotion.

Those who contend that action stems from unconscious impulse deny our freedom to stop and think.

Consciousness combines emotion and reason in actions that are tolerant, helpful and democratic.

A binary division is one which turns into opposites things that naturally mingle. Like reason and emotion.

Consciousness is the option that a person uses to express his or her freedom to choose.

Consciousness is the foundation of the realized life.

Ayn Rand was not wrong to insist on thought but her values were neither universal nor apposite.

Libertarians fail when they do not integrate tolerance, democracy and helpfulness with non-idolatry.

Triadic Philosophy is an advance on libertarian thought because it integrates Reality, Ethics and Aesthetics.

Consciousness creates progress by thinking triadically.

The capacity of a third option to break a dualistic logjam is obvious.

The capacity of triadic thinking to elaborate decisions within the flow of time is infinite.

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Three hashtags to change the world. A Twitter Strategy.

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Three hashtags to change the world. A Twitter Strategy.

Philanthropy and capitalism and nationalism are the three pillars of a dysfunctional world.  #tolerance #democracy  #helpfulness.

We need a democratic wave of individuals everywhere who affirm #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness.

Philanthropy should become the struggle for human rights. #tolerance #democracy #helpfulness.

Capitalism needs to get behind #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness.

Nationalism needs to diminish in the interests of a non-violent war-free world. #tolerance #democracy #helpfulness.

#Tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness is not utopian.  It is hard-nosed realism.

#Tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness. is not collectivism, it is ethical individualism.

To achieve the goal of world change, spread #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness.

Use #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness individually or together to raise ethical consciousness.

Clicking on #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness. will lead you to tweets you should retweet.

Tweets with #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness focus on breaking human rights issues around the world.

#Tolerance is a universal value all persons should affirm and practice.

#Democracy is the best way for human beings to create fair and constitutional self-government.

#Helpfulness is the conscious reduction of measurable harm.

#tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness are the three active values of a valid universal ethic.

Make these hashtags your signature to create change in this century – #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness.

Stephen C. Rose.

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Tolerance, democracy and helpfulness are interactive.

Tolerance, democracy and helpfulness are interactive.


Ethical Values Slide Shows

Values are the most important element within cognition. They are ontological signs of our common and universal humanity.
Test to See if Your Value System Makes You A Good Citizen

These are values inferred from the teachings of Jesus.
Heaven’s Values

The heavenly values are tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry. The first three work together and compliment one another. Nion-idolatry underlies and embraces them. Non-idolatry gives place only to Abba.
Barack Obama and Values Religion

A brief examination of what can be deduced and inferred from Barack Obama’s statement relating his religion to values.
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7 Posts on the Unprecedented

Non-idolatry and the Unprecedented

Non-idolatry expresses as a value – ontological, core – the command that one have no other gods before the one Jesus called Abba. Practically this achieves the goal of pragmaticism which is to establish our universal fallibility.
Democracy and the Unprecedented

Democracy is vastly more than a form of government. It is an impulse which affirms the sacredness of all life and all beings and therefore in an imperfect world decides always for the we not the I.
Helpfulness and The Unprecedented

Continuing an examination of why the four ontological values of Abba’s way are part of the unprecedented that now breaks into history, though it has been here from the beginning.
Tolerance and the Unprecedented

Tolerance is an ontological value. Abba’s way is synonymous with both the logical and the ontological. It issues in action and in life. Captions elaborate on the place of tolerance in Abba’s way.
Derrida’s Unprecedented Slideshow

The captions are drawn from a seminal statement of the late Jacques Derrida.
Derrida’s Unprecedented

Derrida’s Unprecedented – Free Verse
Unprecedented Would Be Closing the Door — a Quadpome

Unprecedented would be closing the door — A Quadpome suggests that at a time whee we need a massive change in values the church is caught in a conundrum.
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Three Democracy Quatrains

Democracy in Abba’s Way means universal rights, the preciousness of each person, the value of each person to Abba.

Here are three quatrains that express this:

Jesus Democracy

Jesus Democracy – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose. Democracy is among the basic values Jesus incarnated and espoused. He did not use the term, but he exemplfied respect for and support of the rights of every person on the planet.
Democracy Unrealized

Democracy Unrealized – – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
Dying for Democracy

Dying for Democracy – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose