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I Got 6000 Views Yesterday on A Post Google Did Not Even List

Maybe there is life without Google after all. The post below and several others of my most popular posts are not to be found on Google. But I will guess that THIS post will be found. Such is the bile Google directs at Associated Content/Yahoo Contributor Network. Google is right up there on my daily forgiveness list.

Trump Palin

April 10, 2011
Trump and Palin In A Bed of Bile – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose. Finally Sarah Palin has found a compatible male with whom to share the intimacies of common bile. The bile is called Look At Moi! and is available only on TV.

Donald Trump Evaluated

Donald Trump may never have had much of a reputation but it has suffered major damage in his latest unseemly foray into politics. Here are some timely reminders and reactions.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump. I am not convinced that Trump exists. I have never seen him. I want him to show up in my apartment with ten witnesses and submit to my salient questions.
Chris Matthews Some Questions for Donald Trump

Chris Matthews Some Questions for Donald Trump. I have decided to be nice to Chris. Here are some gifts. Questions he can lob at Donald Trump whether he is a guest or not.
Salient Trump

Donald Trump: Some Salient Links to Accessible Online Information Actually there are few useful links to gratify real curiosity about Donald Trump. Few of the search results deal with who he is beyond a few stock facts.

Trump Ch. 11 Gambling Going Down?

Is big business gambling going to go down as a result of the seismic changes underway?  Note I do not say economic changes. It is much more than that. We’ve had cycles of gambling fever in the US. But people who have short memories may figure that the present saturation of betting options is the norm.

Maybe this Trump debacle — Donald was kicked off the board before the company filed — will create a few mental brakes.