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Replacing The Car Is A Tumblr Blog and a Kindle Book

Replacing The Car.

In my effort to get my ideas out I have created blog posts over time and morphed them into short Kindle books that sell for a few dollars and have the merit of introducing notions that may be far from the thinking of most readers. I naturally hope they become more common. This blog has the merit of getting indexed on search engines so it is possible that some may be led here, The book itself need cost nothing if one has a Kindle and belongs to Amazon Select. I believe it can also be borrowed which in fact reimburses the author more than a royalty would. The main point is to underline my main thesis. That we are engaged in a global struggle to defeat sprawl and the car as the default means of transportation. I am not holding my breath. You would be amazed at the progress this idea has made in the last 50 years.