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Ed Rendell Lauds Farrakhan At Length

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So why is everyone so exercised? Tolerance does not mean you affirm every jot and tittle of what someone else believes. If Sean Hannity understood that the world would be a better place.

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“Abba’s Way” states: Unprecedented would be Jesus stating today what he was, and is, about.
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Ed Rendell Condones FOX Libel — Incredible

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Please do the following: 1. Watch the video below. 2. You heard right. It’s Ed Rendell praising FOX as fair and balanced. 3. Now why would I say the good governor condones libel? Because I believe this is what FOX did to Rev. Wright. And Rendell’s approval of FOX is an implicit approval of the “fairness” of FOX’s attack on Wright and its obsessive — and happily nonsensical — efforts to blow Obama out of the water.

Now I would guess Ed Rendell or one of his friends or staff will find this page and read it. So here is Step 4:

Check my About section to understand that I am not certifiable. I even once suggested that Barack’s opponent run for President — in 2004.

Just one more thing:

Step 5. Relax. Stretch out. And enjoy the following
Jeremiah Wright Videos.

Video: Context of FOX “God Damn” Soundbite

The “Chickens Roost” Sermon Uncut

FOX Virus Video

More Typical Wright Sermon Excerpts:

Video: Pastor Wright on Who Writes History

Good Friday Sermon Excerpt — Memorable

These show Wright to be angry, but not a pastor who could be said to have spewed out 20 years of hate as your candidate implied when she said she would have left his church.

That is enough steps.

Funny, Governor, on the matter of steps. I am recommending to Barack Obama the precise steps you took to win Pennsylvania when you ran. Upscale PA and some key other spots like the Lehigh Valley.

It would be ironical if you provided the map for defeating the candidate to whom you have tied your reputation. And possibly your own political fortunes.

Pictures ARE worth 1000 words. “I didn’t know”. I believe it. That’s the problem.

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