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Fathoming Facebook

Fathoming Facebook is a most interesting exercise. Facebook has aspects that make it a vastly more potent entity than anything out there. On the other hand, Facebook points to the most elementary thing. That in today’s world we need to limn the realities of connection that exist that never existed before or that are radically changed, requiring new rules and habits.. Social networking is less and less able to embrace what Facebook may actually be about. The following posts are toes in the water, not yet full fathom five. ┬áThat Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Panflick were both products of Exeter is not observed but is of some interest. I give Exeter reasonably high marks in the values (aka no harm) department.

Priceless Shakespeare Worthy Facebook Drama

June 6, 2011
The Treatment Is In The Comments
Facebook Fine Burson Not so Much

May 12, 2011
Facebook Fine Burson Not So Much. As far as Google having a complaint, come on.
Why Gibbs is Going to Facebook

April 6, 2011
This is more obvious than silly putty was when it came out.
Metaphor Metonymy Synedoche and Irony Applied to Facebook

April 6, 2011
The four elements of poetics are metaphor (one thing for another) , metonymy (consistent alias), synedoche (dominant reference) and irony (deflating context).