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Of eBay, China and a Mildred Purse PS

eBay is significant as a large Web business and all such businesses have a stake in viable partnerships related to China. Two of the posts below reference that. The third is in the spirit of Mildred Purse which speaks for itself.

EBay Continues to Try in China

June 10, 2011
Annals of Business
EBay China

September 15, 2010
eBay Seems Smart. eBay Partnering with China Seems Smart. This Forbes Video Seems Smart. With a brief comment on the wisdom of U.S. China partnership.
Mildred Purse Won’t Auction Her Ideas on Ebay

March 21, 2011
Mildred Purse is a resident of Beacon Hill, Boston. She is related to the Purses who founded Massachusetts but does not parade the fact. With some reason.


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More Lady Gaga Posts

Lady Gaga is as much a new phenomenon as Facebook. And the zeitgeist is not that different between the two. Both deal with the changing face of community in today’s world. We are moving toward entirely new definitions that move from blood and ethnicity toward common values and aesthetics.

Here is a small collection of posts I’ve done over the last several months regarding Lady Gaga.

Mildred Purse subjects Charlie Sheen to the four rhetorical anchors of most poetry.

Mildred has a massive fund of knowledge which she willingly shares with all who will listen. She shuns celebrity and sees Lady Gaga as her channel for proper celebrity behavior. She says look beneath the surface and you will find a person who thinks.
Gaga, Michael, Queen

Lady Gaga Michael Jackson and the Queen – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
Lady Gaga: Her Diet and Mine. Hot Stuff

Lady Gaga: Her Diet and Mine. Hot Stuff. Everything from coconuts to turkey with some hummus and rice thrown in.