COMMENT ON: Obama Debt Commission: Erskine Bowles, Alan Simpson To Chair Panel, Says Obama Official

By calling this COMMISSION IMPOSSIBLE on your home page and showing an ultra-morose picture of the President, you are framing this as the story of an Obama failure. What we are witnessing is the transmutation of racism into party obduracy beyond anything since the time of the Civil War. Protest as Republicans may, there is no other explanation for the behavior of the Party of No when one factors in the instances of outright hypocrisy on the stimulus and the cowardly actions of those who originally sponsored the commission bill and then got cold feet.

The outcome of this will be slowly revealed. It will not be good news for the Republicans or for the media who frame the story as an Obama defeat. It will be good news for those who see through the bias and comprehend the fact that reason has no color and that it prevails — at great and often tragic cost. I hope HP is enjoying its freedom to join in the nasty game that is underway.

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