Stu-Politics — How The Right Could Save Health Care Reform

The idiot behavior of the Right could actually result in the best of health care results. It is a long shot, but let’s fantasize.

1. Despite their lies and scare tactics, many see the Senate Bill as an historic achievement. This will not be lost in the House. So watch for the kill tactics to be honed to razor sharpness when the bill is being discussed in the committee made up of the Democratic elite.

2. The vast majority of Americans will NOT be hoodwinked by Stu-politics. What this means is with as this effort to go beyond the reasonable assault on choice already established, the Senate bill might get defeated when it comes to a House Vote, but THAT very Stu-politics success could open the door to reconciliation.

3. Once this process begins, the Senate becomes a majority institution.

The final bill could include a semi-robust public option and an improvement on the Senate version.

I assume that Nancy Pelosi will fight to gain a majority for the bill as it comes from the Senate with no Stupak aboard. But kamakaze politics has no limit. So she will also have paved the way for a reconciliation route. And as long as the brouhaha can be blamed on Stu-politics, the beneficiary could be more health care reform than we thought.


My Letter To President Obama & How You Can Do The Same

Dear Mr. President — While the Senate Bill is not without merit, the preponderance of sentiment is still for a public option. I must assume your actions have been aimed in this direction, despite appearances. And that you will ultimately champion a bill that will not be marked a failure by both sides. At the moment this end is in view and the only thing that can alter it is a final push to do the will if the people even if that means reconciliation and a straight majority vote.


Tell President You Support PO, Medicare expansion and other things he spoke for to Congress. http://bit.ly/vlOX (White House Contact Link)


COMMENT ON: Senate Democrats Consider Nightmare Scenario On Health Care

Nightmare? All this would mean is that the House Bill dominates the final run and is passed by a simple majority in the Senate minus the Stupak Amendment. This is still a tempest in a teapot. Breathe and you get a headline.

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Comment On “Leaderless: Senate Pushes For Public Option Without Obama’s Support”

Comment On: Leaderless: Senate Pushes For Public Option Without Obama’s Support

HuffPo has had a bee in its bonnet for some time on leaderlessness.

Obama is cast as weak and vacillating.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

As I read the above, the President is not rejecting the public option. And I think your reporters should know that. The President is rejecting the weak and ineffective “public options” that the Senate has put forth in an effort to appease the bought and paid for bi-partisan nay-saying middle of this compromised institution. The President is rejecting opt outs and most probably triggers as well. And he should.

Over in the House, there is somewhat more reason and the public option they are considering and will pass is not one of these weaker versions. It is the one that the President wants, has spoken for and will get. It is the one the American people want. It may not be robust but it will not be the phony one that HuffPo equates with being progressive.

Go over to the White House site and read and listen to what is really being said.

Dollars to doughnuts we do NOT get 60 votes for the plan that is ultimately passed. This has been clear for seeming ages. We will get a final bill that is closer to the House than the Senate. The MSM and HuffPo are describing a charade.

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Robust, OK, But Get Smart, It Ain’t Just Rahm

Read This

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf???

Why am I singing this in my head? Because the notion that it is Rahm alone who is the villain in a projected submarining of robust is a mite fatuous.

If there is a Big Bad Wolf, his name will be Barack Obama. Rahm works for him.

But there isn’t a Big Bad Wolf.

We are still playing rope-a-dope. This Strategy has survived a summer when everyone said reform was dead.

It continues. Why? Because support takes time to build and support is what this is all about. Obama is really trying to make us a democracy again.

So. We will get a robust public option if the middle becomes more familiar with the truth  that a robust public option is really not a progressive thing. It’s a reasonable, common sense thing. Hell. A robust public option is conservative. It’s fiscally sound. It can be a lock.

So what should progressives be doing? As usual, winning the middle. Do you do that by slapping Rahm’s hand? I don’t think it makes a difference, other than to distract from the task and give the MSM another non-story.

Just as the MSM should stop treating lies and facts as two sides of an issue, progressives  should parse the Presidential words and realize that he has made the case for a robust public option repeatedly. Underlining and spreading that has been the bread and butter progressive strategy.

It is the only one that will prevail.


For All Americans, the President’s Health Care Reform Plan

For All Americans, the President’s Health Care Reform Plan:

  • Won’t add a dime to the deficit and is paid for upfront.
  • Requires additional cuts if savings are not realized.
  • Implements a number of delivery system reforms that begin to rein in health care costs and align incentives for hospitals, physicians, and others to improve quality.
  • Creates an independent commission of doctors and medical experts to identify waste, fraud and abuse in the health care system.
  • Orders immediate medical malpractice reform projects that could help doctors focus on putting their patients first, not on practicing defensive medicine.
  • Requires large employers to cover their employees and individuals who can afford it to buy insurance so everyone shares in the responsibility of reform.
  • To Support Health Care Reform Make This Url Viral http://bit.ly/1UxPWR

If You Don’t Have Insurance, the President’s Plan

If  You Don’t Have Insurance, the President’s Plan:

  • Creates a new insurance marketplace — the Exchange — that allows people without insurance and small businesses to compare plans and buy insurance at competitive prices.
  • Provides new tax credits to help people buy insurance.
  • Provides small businesses tax credits and affordable options for covering employees.
  • Offers a public health insurance option to provide the uninsured and those who can’t find affordable coverage with a real choice.
  • Immediately offers new, low-cost coverage through a national “high risk” pool to protect people with preexisting conditions from financial ruin until the new Exchange is created.
  • To Support Health Care Reform Make This Url Viral http://bit.ly/1UxPWR