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Inching Toward Triadic Philosophy

The binary division of thought and feelings avoids the fact that thinking in terms of ethics and aesthetics integrates reason and emotion.

Thinking in terms of ethics and aesthetics is the basis of Triadic Philosophy – my term and the title of this summary:

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To divide thought and feeling is to misunderstand ourselves.

Our actions involve both reason and emotion.

Both ethics and aesthetics are a mix of reason and emotion.

Those who contend that action stems from unconscious impulse deny our freedom to stop and think.

Consciousness combines emotion and reason in actions that are tolerant, helpful and democratic.

A binary division is one which turns into opposites things that naturally mingle. Like reason and emotion.

Consciousness is the option that a person uses to express his or her freedom to choose.

Consciousness is the foundation of the realized life.

Ayn Rand was not wrong to insist on thought but her values were neither universal nor apposite.

Libertarians fail when they do not integrate tolerance, democracy and helpfulness with non-idolatry.

Triadic Philosophy is an advance on libertarian thought because it integrates Reality, Ethics and Aesthetics.

Consciousness creates progress by thinking triadically.

The capacity of a third option to break a dualistic logjam is obvious.

The capacity of triadic thinking to elaborate decisions within the flow of time is infinite.

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Democracy Posts

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Alleged Democracy – Free Verse by Stephen C. Rose. In an alleged democracy where 45 percent pay no taxes at all we are condemned to a slow death unless fairness seeps back into an elevated consciousness
Tremble Iran April 14, 2011
Pro-Democracy Will Win Out In Iran. There is an ontological reality to democracy because it is a universal willed value. It is our commonality writ large in the cosmos. For this reason Iran will fall before its power.
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Free journalism is the lifeblood of democracy. Human Rights counsel aimed at the Palestinian Authority should be a template for the protection of all journalists on the front lines of the democratic revolution worldwide.
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Global Triage. Abba’s Way – Tolerance, Helpfulness, Democracy, Non-Idolatry and Daily Use of The Lord’s Prayer Is The Antidote to Corporate Global Self Slaughter
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Biblical Posts

Inerrancy Perks  April 17, 2011
Inerrancy Perks. The doctrine of Biblical inerrancy saves a lot of thought. It also creates the basis for a religion that will not endure on the planet as minds open to reality.
Elizabeth Taylor and You Thought the Biblical Job Had It Bad – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose. What an amazing woman. Not only does she tread where angels fear to tread. She endures torments that would cause a Job to quail.
Both views see the Gospel of Mark as the primitive mother lode of genuine Christianity. But Peirce clearly case a logician and mathematician before he was a theologian. A century later my journey was Biblical and theological.
Except a Seed November 25, 2010
Lyric to a song based on a key Biblical text. Written in the 70s and recorded on the album Rolled Away.
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A sort of yes and no to ten points of the radical European Biblical scholar
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Biblical Orthodoxy – Free Verse by Stephen C. Rose
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How Beautiful Upon The Mountain – Lyric of an original Biblical song words and music by Stephen C. Rose
Biblical Therapy from The Very Beginning.The first chapters of the Bible detail the origin of the nature of every human being who has lived, now lives and will ever live on this planet.

New Kindle Book: “Values and the Future (Revaluation of Values)”

Values and the Future (Revaluation of Values) is now available at the Kindle Store

Nietzsche said revaluation of values is the supreme task of the philosopher. Nietzsche called philosophers lawgivers. And yet the world continues to operate as though values were not something we are called to revise, develop, enunciate. The position of these recent reflections is allied with Nietzsche. The values suggested are vastly different from the usual, traditional pantheon.

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The Benevolence Conundrum

To sink into this issue read the followiing from 3 Quarks: THE FOLLOWING

It starts:

Don’t give me anything, one sign says. Gifts are unacceptable and will be disposed of, asserts another. Pay no attention! The signs are held by a homeless woman on the subway, a heavily bundled figure who appears as interested in warding off charity as she is the cold, and the severity of her warnings are such that every vowel snarls at the nearest onlooker.

During my years at the UN in the late 90s and early 00s I was inundated by the issues of benevolence. By the end of my time there, I was tolerably convinced that the world needed to move beyond conventional philanthropy, benevolence and charity to value system based on nonidolatry, helpfulness, democracy and tolerance. Within such a system one would want to look very carefully at current modes of charity and benevolence, and even philanthropy in the widest sense, to see if they in fact serve the very elements of a system of widespread injustice.

I ended up linking capitalism and philanthropy as the twin engines of a system which I called benign genocide. This simply refers to the obvious fact that the current system inexorably does in millions annually, as the likes of Bill Gates painfully realizes.

What would replace benign genocide?

Not a wholesale rejection of capitalism nor of philanthropy, but a withdrawal of the idolatries that turn these ventures into objects of veneration. We need a widespread, indeed universal, skepticism regarding the utility of our systems. We need, in short, an Obama type of “what works” mentality. And an end to fatuous “binary” silliness.

The 3 Quarks piece referenced above is a vignette of a person who is intentionally flaunting the most elementary situation that raises our consciousness about having and not having, the very origins of benign genocide. The answer to the question it poses lies in such notions as linking radical individualism to the articulation of values (or as Nietzsche might suggest re-values) that have universal validity.

Benevolence these days is a conundrum inviting us to the most creative task that human beings can take up. Revaluing values.

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