New on Kindle: Epitaph for Yuppie America and Other Irreverent Huffington Post Pieces

New on Kindle: Epitaph for Yuppie America and Other Irreverent Huffington Post Pieces http://amzn.to/9rNyrX

A selection of Huffington Post pieces written mainly in 2008 and 2009. They deal mainly with President Obama. I have left them unchanged.


Dear Arianna, I Give Up

Dear Arianna I have pretty much given up on blogging for you. I know this is not on your radar screen but maybe it should be.

The last straw was the failure to publish this piece on Afghanistan. It languished in my queue for weeks and finally was so out of date that it made no sense to leave it there. I tried to delete it but could not. I have given up reminding your blogteam that a piece of mine has been languishing for weeks.

I think there is something wrong with the mechanics but I have never been able to unearth someone to check.

It is the height of egotism to believe that one’s thoughts are too original for HuffPo and are being singled out for censure. I do not believe that. What I do believe is that my pieces stack up with the thoughts of others who seem to have no trouble getting heard.

I offer you a large archive of failed attempts to get recent pieces posted. I won’t hold my breath.


Comment On: Guardian Report: US Setting Aside $1.3 Billion For Anti-Taliban Afghan Militias

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“The United States will make $1.3 billion available for a program that rewards Afghanistan’s anti-Taliban militias with development money, according to unnamed officials quoted in The Guardian”

Unnamed officials supply yet more fodder for speculation. Folk finally begin to make a Vietnam parallel months after that was obvious. The President bides time wisely. Patience was a virtue once. Now? Instant gratification has turned into instant condemnation.

Huffington Post should consider the extent it wishes to rely on unnamed sources, given its faulty prescience about the President in the past.

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Comment On: Memo to Warren Buffett: Put Down the Pom-Poms and Tell Us the Truth About the Economy

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One constructive option would be to stop talking about the market working as if the market was what worked in the past.. It is because confidence in the stability and direction of that market was shaken that we got where we are.

The behavior of the greedy kicked in but who said the continued creation of metrosprawl, single family homes and our ad driven macho automobile economy was still a viable market concept?

It isn’t.

Viable would be a revolution in design and planning and architecture around a future worth investing in. There is little featured in HuffPo about celebrating real change. I see a good deal of populism lite wed to an obsession with who’s being trashed and who is first. The first is distraction. The second is old economy narcissism.

We need constructive effort to create a more democratic economy and more ordinary people involved in the solutions that will create the jobs and institutions and environments of the future.

For more on this please check out https://stephencrose.wordpress.com/pattern-language/

At least Warren Buffett knows that to get where we need to go we need new businesses.


Comment On “Leaderless: Senate Pushes For Public Option Without Obama’s Support”

Comment On: Leaderless: Senate Pushes For Public Option Without Obama’s Support

HuffPo has had a bee in its bonnet for some time on leaderlessness.

Obama is cast as weak and vacillating.

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As I read the above, the President is not rejecting the public option. And I think your reporters should know that. The President is rejecting the weak and ineffective “public options” that the Senate has put forth in an effort to appease the bought and paid for bi-partisan nay-saying middle of this compromised institution. The President is rejecting opt outs and most probably triggers as well. And he should.

Over in the House, there is somewhat more reason and the public option they are considering and will pass is not one of these weaker versions. It is the one that the President wants, has spoken for and will get. It is the one the American people want. It may not be robust but it will not be the phony one that HuffPo equates with being progressive.

Go over to the White House site and read and listen to what is really being said.

Dollars to doughnuts we do NOT get 60 votes for the plan that is ultimately passed. This has been clear for seeming ages. We will get a final bill that is closer to the House than the Senate. The MSM and HuffPo are describing a charade.

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Who Is Helming HuffPo?

Below on the home page of Huffington Post is the exact text — minus the huge font sizes and visuals — of what it denotes to be the most important news in the world.


Diane Sawyer To Helm ABC “World News” Beginning In January… Charlie Gibson Retiring… Read His Email To ABC Staff
Katie Couric: Sawyer Is “One Of The Hardest Working People I Know”

It is enough to tell us that Huffingon Post deserves an F for sagacious weighting of news events.

This is an inside story if it is that at all. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

There are fires lit and ready to explode from Sri Lanka to Kabul to Wall Street yet again.

We are losing our newspapers. If what we have to replace it is this, and if writing that warns correctly about what is actually happening are routinely buried there, in favor of this claptrap, then we deserve the fate we will get.

Who is running the store?

Or perhaps I should aslk who is helming HuffPo.


Seamy Side of Huffington Post

Is Huffington Post getting more clicks for “swimsuit stuff — not politics”? http://ow.ly/ltas


I asked Sheffner if he had looked at Huffington Post. “I don’t go there a lot, but when I do I notice their most viewed thing is always swimsuit stuff — not politics, which is what they’re supposed to be known for. Other people have been noting this. I haven’t done any scientific study. There are often titillating items of a sexual nature.”