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A sensible approach to urban development.

A sensible approach to urban development.

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“Urban Design is concerned with the practice of designing, repurposing and revitalizing 3-dimensional places. These place types are described inCharter of the New Urbanism principles, as, “The neighborhood, the district, and the corridor are the essential elements of development and redevelopment in the metropolis. They form identifiable areas — centers, edges and in-between — that encourage citizens to take responsibility for their maintenance and evolution. Neighborhoods should be compact, pedestrian-friendly, and mixed-use. Districts generally emphasize a special single use, such as airports, campuses, and industry. Corridors are regional connectors of neighborhoods and districts; they range from boulevards and rail lines to rivers and parkways.” Personally, I add ‘downtowns’ as another essential element of city-making.”

Pedeestrian-friendly should lead to car-free in actual communities where cars can be relegated to the periphery just as they are at malls or stadiums.

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Are You Looking For Quatrains?

During the last six months I have written more than 500 quatrains. Here is a menu of Quatrains by Stephen C. Rose. Here is a menu of just a few of my quatrains.

What is a quatrain. In my book it can be anything that has a poetic aspect and is four lines long. More generally it is four lines in some understandable meter and rhyme.

I do not write quatrains merely to create poetry. I write them because I am a believer in the short form. If I can say what I want in four lines, why write a blog like this?

I see no reason.

I also believe that quatrains can summarize a key point – usually an opinion – just as well as a paragraph or several paragraphs of prose.

I sometimes compose quatrains to a tune because I have been a songwriter for most of my life. If the subject reminds me  of McArthur Park I will write to the meter.

I was never writing to be read/ I wrote to ease my head

And so forth.

Yesterday I wrote a quatrain to express a fairly fine point in philosophy relating to semiotics and Derrida’s declension of Peirce. It raises my own solution to the question under discussion:

It is called “Mind Over Sign”.

I say to the sign man Sir please say
Could the mind not start and stop a sign
And if a sign might simply be a word
Could not a word transcend all time

I do not punctuate my quatrains. I write them on news. On philosophy. On theology. And so forth.

If you would like a slant on the day, I would invite you to bookmark my Associated Content profile page for a daily selection of short form writing, mostly quatrains and brief topical slideshows featuring my own art.

Better yet, if you have a desire to write and earn a tiny amount or somewhat more in relationship as you desire with other writers, then join Associated Content as my affiliate and I will try to be of assistance.


Troubles? Be an Elephant in India

An Indian elephant needs some 500 square miles to roam, consumes 250 kilograms of leaves and wild fruits and drinks as much as 180 liters of water a day. Indiscriminate felling of trees and development projects cuts their habitat. SOURCE

Enter the poachers. With a nod from the government.