COMMENT ON: Health Insurance Costs: ‘Shocking’ Premium Increases Coming, Says Health And Human Services Dept.


This merely underlines the necessity of passing a robust public option.

We cannot expect help from the media in making this happen. It is a matter of the people. Us.

Those of us who are online by choice have a simple task. To advocate through all channels we possess that Democrats summon up sufficient spine to face down the hypocritical GOP and pass by a simple majority some version of the House bill containing the public option.

I assume that David Plouffe does not sleep with his head in the sand and that the President is willing to get back in step with the one man who, next to the President himself, is most responsible for having understood how to win this nation.

They both said they could not do it alone. It is up to us. Let’s pass the damned public option and get on with it.

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