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Alexander Hamilton Quill Lets John Boehner Have It

I suppose that every politician must suffer brickbats, but sometimes I wonder. Poor John Boehner may regret having sold hos soul to big oil and Wall Street.


Evaluating John Boehner

Though the day was raw they sat in Boston Common near where the ducks parade and managed to get much done. The staff at Austin Riggs would have been impressed.
Blaming John Boehner

I cannot be held responsible for the utterances of Alexander Hamilton Quill. This being his first public political comment, I would assume that there is more bile to come.
John Boehner’s Lips

John Boehner’s Lips – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose. John Boehner evoked the first W the one who looks like Jack Lemmon but may have been in CIA Florida when none had heard yet of the Bay of Pigs