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Obama Posts at Short Form Content

Jul 24, 2011
Obama needs to treat them just the way he treated Wright in his Philly speech. In other words he has to talk about them and him. He has been the target all along. The GOP doesn’t give squat for anything but throwing 
Jul 26, 2011
Devastating Comparison of Bush and Obama Fiscal Records. The Chart That Should Accompany All Discussions of the Debt Ceiling – James Fallows – Politics – The Atlantic: “It’s based on data from the Congressional Budget 
Jul 23, 2011
Pelosi has it right, Obama has it right. We the electorate? Not so much. Newsvine – Nancy Pelosi on the the 200th Day of the GOP House Majority: Where are the jobs bills?: “‘Republicans have spent 200 days ignoring jobs 
Jul 25, 2011
As Ken Wilber made clear more than thirty years ago. Barack Obama is an imperfect person like the rest of us. But he seems to have been tapped for the job of midwifing the change I am talking about.