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Nietzsche said revaluation of values is the supreme task of the philosopher. Nietzsche called philosophers lawgivers. And yet the world continues to operate as though values were not something we are called to revise, develop, enunciate. The position of these recent reflections is allied with Nietzsche. The values suggested are vastly different from the usual, traditional pantheon.


Connecting Dots on Jobs

Getting tired of simplistic laments about losing jobs, especially from the liberal Ed Show side. The fact of the matter is that many car jobs and defense jobs and other jobs that have to do with the 20th Century are not gonna be restored.

At least if the President is successful in minimizing wasteful defense spending and ending the tyranny of oil.

The laments will be sounding loud and clear over coming weeks and our response should be:

Be honest about it. Talk about the green economy. Talk about new professions that will deal with the coming aging of the population and the need to start building communities that do not get washed or blown away whenever the weather acts up. Talk about the new jobs that would come into being if we really did preventive health care. Talk about new modes of teaching if we really did move more toward a culture which offered more than one route toward becoming qualified.

The jobs we associate with Detroit are going away and any effort to resuscitate the automobile economy that we have known is throwing the future down the drain.

The underlying political controversy now is between the predatory and the civilized. Between those who would turn the US into the New Barbarians and those who would move us gently toward something like a Civilization where people are not ashamed to be civil, not ashamed to tolerate, not ashamed to do things that celebrate life.

We have the Cheneys of the world wishing for a nice attack to reignite the paranoia and fear around 9/11. And we have the Obamas of the world going for a new synthesis in which smartness counts for something in creating security and hope is not subject to the cynical Cheney sneer.

All we have to remember from our past is that the Cheneys of the world are no strangers my code phrase “jaws of hell”. Hit the tag for more. And that the Obama’s of the world are aware of this underside but smart enough to contain it and ward off its worst expressions.



Obama: Closing The Jaws of Hell

One nice thing about the Web is that someone who thinks can send out messages which gain traction as key phrases. Three of mine — more noted now than when first conceived — are benign genocide (actually first created in Australia), creedal messianism and, pertinent to this post, jaws of hell.

Jaws of hell is my phrase for the nether regions of American life, the smoky realm where conspiracies may exist, where means conquer ends and where such phenomena as 527 ads poison political discourse. It is the realm where the worst part of the spectrum which is all of us takes on tangible form and wreaks havoc with everything it impacts.

This is a prologue to a simple observation about what the Obama campaign means, what it is about.

It is about closing the jaws of hell.

Closing — or at least beginning to close — the wounds of the 60s assassinations.

Closing — or at least beginning to close — the wounds of LBJ’s duplicitous lies which escalated Vietnam into an enduring national tragedy.

Closing — 40 years of gridlock politics engendering corruption on a wide scale, much of it enabled by a conscience-free suspension of elementary regulation of human greed,

Closing — a century of design built around the autocracy of the automobile and the enslavement of our economy to oil, leading to wars past and the prospect of wars in the future.

Well you have my laundry list — what’s yours?

The point is that the Obama campaign has a much larger symbolic significance than the MSM see. But most ordinary people understand it at some level.

This is why silliness and genuine bile mingle like a toxic cloud over the campaign as people nervously react to the prospect that Obama is opting to help SET THINGS RIGHT — after a long season of wrongs.

All this is played out within the ambient regions of consciousness.

It is really just a thought.

Obama closing the jaws of hell.

McCain as the grand master of opposition.

Clinton as McCain’s biggest fan.

Is it all rock and roll?

I don’t think so.

It is a long shot that is looking like it might win.

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As President, Will Barack Reopen JFK Questions?

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As President, will Barack Obama reopen alleged JFK coverups to help arrive at cloture after two failed investigations?

“If guilt is the question, then truth is the answer.” A famous line from the great Willie Nelson. The song, from Red Headed Stranger, goes on — “I’ve been lying to me all along.”

I wonder if, in the interests of truth, Barack Obama. as President, will encourage the answering of the following questions. Out of more of more than 600 books about the Kennedy Assassination, these are the few questions I feel, with some help from reading Gaeton Fonzi, cry out for some sort of cloture:

1. The role of the CIA. This is a virtual void and therefore a hotbed of conspiracy speculation. What we do know is that we still have no cloture on the issue of CIA involvement. In particular, the issue of whether David Atlee Phillips was Maurice Bishop needs to be determined to the satisfaction of all. Another way of putting this is: What did the CIA conceal from the Warren Commission and then the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation? And why?

2. Sylvia Odio testimony. Fonzi regards the testimony he gathered from Sylvia Odio as the most convincing direct evidence that there was a conspiracy — that Oswald and others were involved. Is her valediction quoted by Fonzi something we can reverse at this late date? “We lost. We all lost.”

3. Single Bullet Question. Fonzi notes an indisputable evidence of conspiracy: That the location of bullet holes in the back of Kennedy’s jacket and shirt refute a single bullet theory.

One convincing validation of Fonzi’s evidential approach seems to me to be that he does not flesh out a conspiracy theory. He merely indicates that there was a conspiracy.

My own impression is that there were forces that had an interest in ridding the world of persons deemed a fundamental threat to their powerful and passionately affirmed interests. And that it mattered not who they were. I can imagine an atmosphere in which rumor, innuendo and fact led to a general assent to specific plans to achieve the decimation of JFK, RFK and MLK. And that at some point wishes turned into commands.

The assassination of Malcolm X seems to me a transparent indication of how this works. More than one were clearly and openly involved. In the case of the less transparent assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, the need to create an easy and satisfying story led to the involvement of patsys who participated, but not alone and not without connection to the jaws of hell world which they were serving.

The CIA was and is an entity which has essentially been legally permitted to flaunt the canons of democracy.


What is the “payoff” of believing there has been conspiracy?


It vindicates an understanding of how society works that is more true than a romantic one which gives to lone individuals the power to change everything.

My use of the phrase jaws of hell is a way of making immanent and understandable and therefore vulnerable forces which have hitherto been assumed to be beyond fathoming and likely signs of a real hell somewhere. We do not need that superstructure. We know how conflict is created and how forces coalesce and how difficult it is to achieve reason and fairness when confronted with those who will not play by civilized and just rules.

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Bill Moyers on Rupert Murdoch Cites Clinton Ties

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This remarkable Bill Moyers journal was made prior to the Wall Street Journal’s purchase by Rupert Murdoch. That is significant for two reason. He notes a Clinton tie-in to Murdoch and FOX News then.One which persists. And, by implication, he implies exactly what is unique about this race. Obama does not take anything from Murdoch. And that means Murdoch and his ilk can only be beaten by “we the people”.

What makes this dynamic new is the rise of cyberspace as a reasonably democratic entity. I have little doubt that if Obama wins the nomination and Presidency that Murdoch and his other jaws of hell entities will seek to close the door on internet democracy.

My only reflection on the Moyers video, beyond the above, has to do with LBJ. Moyers was an LBJ protege, almost a sun. I associate LBJ with the very jaws of hell. I will be searching around today to see if Moyers has ever rejected and renounced the man who helped eviscerate any shred of hope that existed for an achievement of the sort of hope that Obama represents.

Make no mistake, the Murdoch-FOX attack on Barack is not playing games for ratings. It is dead earnest and mandated from the top. No one is better able to identify a threat than one who is infested by the various demons associated with the jaws of hell.

Here is a direct link to the YouTube Video BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Moyers on Murdoch | PBS

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