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The Best Art is Artless and Free

Will Ferrell, Larry Gagosian, More Notables at Art Basel Bash for Christian Marclay – The Daily Beast: “The annual artfest draws Will Ferrell, Larry Gagosian and other notables, as Wendi Murdoch, Dasha Zhukova, Tina Brown, and Credit Suisse throw a dinner for ground-breaking artist Christian Marclay. Lloyd Grove reports on the festivities as buyers and collectors celebrate a rebound in the high-end market.”

There was a time when art represented the labor of someone to create an image or representation of something or someone that otherwise might not have been preserved.

Such are the cave drawings in France, the sculptures of Greece and anything else signified in the sentence above.

This art has as much resemblance to the so-called artfest noted above a Truman Capote party to Michelangelo showing people his Sistine ceiling.

In short as art in the sense I have used the term has become less and less necessary, the sort of production we dignify with the name today has become, like some charity, a high end business whose relation to the original purpose of art is far fetched, to be nice about it.

I am aware there is an order of quality in abstractions, found art and whatever else one does these days. But there is something wrong and the wrongness does not diminish over time.

I have maintained elsewhere that museums are largely passe. I regard movies as the successor medium to art in its original sense. And I take the current efforts of persons like Mr. Marclay to be charming perhaps, even beautiful perhaps, but mostly a function of class, social position and things Thorstein Veblen could have described far better than I.

The exclusivity and false market associated with today’s stuff provides grist for those who earn a living as critics or teachers or marketers. But to me the sign evokes Holden Caulfield responses. I can go out on the street and look about and be more edified by what I see and retain as by most anything now being marketed as art.

As for things that might hang well in a condo, chacque un a son gout.

Notables in art seem to me to be players on a stage not long for this world. Perhaps the field will widen and be less stratified in the future. But I am sure that is not the interest or goal of those who brought off the above.