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Continuity is central in Triadic Philosophy.

50.  Continuity is central in Triadic Philosophy.

51.   We move in one direction.

51a. We never stand still.

51b. Continuity is synonymous with life itself.

51c. We owe our understanding of continuity to Charles Sanders Peirce.

52.  Continuity and chronology are related.

52a. Time may contract and bend under some circumstances.

52b.  Continuity prevails. We move forward.

“Welcome to an integral philosophy for the 2000s. Going on 1500 entries. Updated 3 May, 2013. Contact the author at steverose @ Triadic Philosophy is an intellectual and spiritual revolution in progress. It is taking place @stephencrose on Twitter. This text is the first truly integral philosophy to grow out of the thinking of Charles Sanders Peirce. It is not Peirce, but it could not exist without him. It takes Peirce’s vision of triadic thinking, thinking in threes, and grafts it to the revolutionary Triad – Reality, Ethics.”

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Contemplating John Boehner

John Boehner must be an archetype. Amazing that such realities come into being. Here are three contemplations of the Leader.


Boehner Cry Poem

Can I Make John Boehner Cry with a Poem? I doubt it strongly. The tan man has thick skin to get where he is. Those tears have to do with a streak of sentiment that does not extend a centimeter beyond that skin.
Logic John Boehner

Applying ideas of Charles Sanders Peirce to our living. Captions are drawn from Charles Sanders Peirce as cited in James K Feibleman’s remarkable, largely ignored “An Introduction to The Philosophy of Charles S. Peirce” MIT 1969 (1946) 499 pages.
Philosopher John Boehner

Updated, April 2011. Captions are drawn from Charles Sanders Pierce as cited in James K Feibleman’s remarkable, largely ignored “An Introduction to The Philosophy of Charles S. Peirce” MIT 1969 (1946) 499 salient

Three Metaphysical Poems

In Peirce there is no lopping off of metaphysics from scientific investigation. In fact most of Peirce can be seen as a starting effort to bring all philosophy into harmony with the methods of science and the primacy of experience.

Here in the spirit of Peirce are three recent metaphysical poems:

Predestined Impulse

Predestined Impulse. A poetic exploration of the vagaries of the mind.
Pity the Poor Phaneron

Pity The Poor Phaneron. My dad was born a year after Peirce gave his lecture on phaneroscopy quoted here. It has taken a century for Pierce to be reborn and he is very young now.
A Solitary Place to Speak to Abba

A Solitary Place To Speak To Abba. Jesus when he prayed is said to have gone to a solitary place.
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Three Triad Posts

If you think triad you think Charles Sanders Peirce.

Maybe we all think as he did.

Here are three from a plethora of Peirce posts with links:


Triadic Salvation

The Greener Growth Solution – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose. Stop thinking either or and think in threes. Stop thinking economy or green and think beyond green. That is the sole, only, one way to save time, money and lives.
Triads and Logic

Triads and Logic for Everyone – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose. If I could explain it I would have tenure somewhere and not be gaping at the screen trying to absorb Royce and Peirce when most people have long since given up on logic.
First Part: Keith has quit. (Excitation) Second: Didn’t I Write that Oprah should hire him? But can he work for another network now? But wait! Third: Write new post advocating Oprah hire Keith and that if NBC objects have a brouhaha of a lawsuit