COMMENT ON: Tiger Woods and the Problem of Porn Culture in US Celebrity Life

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For more than a century, what passes for religion has been most visibly the moralistic fundamentalisms of the world. These are are shards of lost creedal faiths. Creedal faith fell to the realities of evolutionary science and thought. There will never be a recovery of these though there may be exemplary ways of life we can derive from past prophets and seers.

The need for ritual and celebration remains constant however. Which helps explain why kids plaster Tiger all over their walls. Or did. And why we are so awash in celebrity mania.

It is all part of the discourse aimed at helping us through the loss of transcendence.

I find the nostrums advocated here somewhat ostrich-like and superficial. I suspect that in time a penitent Tiger will do more to alter people’s notion of maturity than moralistic outbursts advocating a withdrawal from reality.