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Snowden and Related Thoughts

Snowden did nothing different than John Lewis and others did – he saw a wrong more egregious than the law that protected it.


Snowden should be ranked with the known and unknown veterans of the Civil Rigts movement.

We celebrate Martin Luther King for exercising the same logic that Snowden used to defy an unjust law.

Nonviolence is always effective against an unjust law. It is ineffective when there is no law.

The rule of law is essential to a true democracy.

The rule of law is the most precious possession of any society.

When laws are unjust they must be changed.

There are no laws that cannot be improved.

Fairness is the standard on which any law can be judged.

The newspapers and sites that used Snowden’s work should stand with him now.

You cannot call a man a traitor and live on the product of his alleged disobedience without bearing the mark of the hypocrite.

Snowden should be an issue in 2014 and the winners should be for a full pardon.

Snowden should be pardoned irrespective of whether he returns to the United States.

The tragedy of President Obama would be finishing his presidency without correcting his transgressions of elementary human rights.

It is very hard to remain for President Obama and to forgive violations of rights and international law at the same time. But I am and I do.

To be an ethical pragmatist is the only option in today’s world.

The only absolute things are values that apply to all.

Values should be the basis of law.

Snowden is no different than any honest citizen should be – open to defy if defiance is the honorable course.

The notion that we are good because we are ethical is a stretch. We are all fallible, we all do harm, we are all forgiven.

The world censures and then forgets and then comes around.


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GOP Wants to Subject Us To Oligarchical Rule

Ex-Military and C.I.A. Officers Attack Obama Over Bin Laden Leaks –

Security officials and members of both parties in Congress have sharply criticized leaks about classified operations under Mr. Obama, as well as briefings for reporters on the Bin Laden raid and assistance to filmmakers making a movie about the operation. But the administration has also overseen an unprecedented number of prosecutions for disclosures to the press, and in June, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. directed two United States attorneys to investigate recent leaks discussed in the Opsec video

via Ex-Military and C.I.A. Officers Attack Obama Over Bin Laden Leaks –

The GOP is grasping at straws in a sad effort to distract us from their true objective which is the subjection of the American people to oligarchical rule by a government controlled by a compliant Supreme Court a corrupt Congress and a puppet President. Sorry but no thanks.

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New York Times Clearly Does Not Know Whereof It Speaks on Google and “Content Farms”

A NYT editorial opines that Google should be investigated across the board. And then in typical right hand left hand fashion says Google is justified in downgrading “low quality sites” like so-called content farms.

A year ago, I moved to one of the platforms that Google has besmirched and otherwise almost put out of business by publicly designating them as low in quality. Associated Content aka Yahoo Contributor Network. I have explained why I made the move and consistently published proof of Google’s errors in discerning what sort of content is useful and what is not.

My main argument has been that Google has no right or call to attack and zap entire domains. But this is just what Google enables with its Chrome browser, with clear prodding from its chief technologist Matt Cutts.

I moved to AC from WordPress and from Huffington Post. I am a writer in good standing with many books commercially published and expertise in politics and religion going back to my acquisition of a double major – the first – at Williams College. I am naturally offended to have made what I felt was a rational move only to find that the only thing in my life that is now a consistent source of harm and daily bother is Google.

I write this to insist that the Justice Department not buy Google’s evident defense of its search policies on the basis of its animosity to sites it regards as low grade.

It takes miniscule attention to all Google search results to perceive consistent reasons for criticizing its choice of what is relevant and what is not. Those who delve the first five pages of results know for a fact that this is the case.

I have little doubt that a more useful solution to search is among the most likely developments on the Web. I have done pioneer work in the matter of developing models for how such a search service might develop. Namely, by confining its results to things that can bee freely accessed on pages that contain the entire text of whatever someone is looking for.

It would make access to Google books, Wiki sites and other omnipresent Google selections optional.

No, I do not aim to compete with the giant. But I do claim to know just as much as they do about what makes for decent and useful search. This is not a technical question. It has to do with intelligence and an integral approach to things.

The New York Times should be mildly ashamed when it is pointed out that they most likely accepted Google’s rap on content farms without doing their own investigation of the issue. Lazy journalism. Errant conclusion.

It seems of a piece with the times we live in.

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Car Free Future

“In a new suburban district of Freiburg, Germany that discourages driving — a “car-reduced” community called Vauban — there are only two places to park a car, and both are at the edge of the development. As I note in my story in Tuesday’s New York Times, 70 percent of Vauban’s families do not own cars, and 57 percent sold a car to move there.”

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Three Car Free Notes

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Sarah Versus The Nasal-Twanged Minnesotan & Other Slide Shows

Sarah is a trouper. She can bounce back like Dick Nixon. Elemental. Tawdry. But for a nation of gamblers, a game we love to play.

Michele Bachmann Will Never Get My Mantle

Sarah Palin is incensed that the New York Times is puffing up a nasal-twanged Minnesota country club psychotic in preference to herself for the 2012 crown. Not in a grizzly’s eye. Humor
Sarah Palin Bares Her Secret Israel Agenda

From Israel the Mildred Purse Group has a special correspondent tailing Sarah Palin so as not to miss a trick. Here are choice revelations direct from Mama Grizzly’s voluble mouth
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Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs Were Evidently Not Innocent Slideshow

Next week Sarah Palin will take questions from Sean Hannity in the controlled cocoon of FOX News and I’m guessing there will be no damage control and more and more pugilism leading her farther from her Presidential target as it were



A Year To Do What We Failed To Do In 8

I do not know who bothers me more, Republicans who are being consciously or unconsciously hypocritical or Democrats who adapt the stratagem I now associate with Arianna Huffington and the New York Times — the frequent substitution of nit-picking for serious consideration.


Serious consideration might take into one’s purview the following points:

1. It took Bush II eight years to ruin the notion of a rational opposition to terror. Should it take less than two or three years to actually arrive at a true evolution of the globe beyond the woes of fundamentalism cum opportunism run rampant?

2. The change in generals in Afpak signals a willingness to engage only in physical strategies that have a high probability of dealing firmly with the most determined and dangerous elements of the terror apparatus ranged not only against us, but against the whole world. This should spare us more sights of the ambush of NATO troops along treacherous stretches of Afghan roads, not to mention aborted efforts to “get” Al Qaeda of the very few attempted before Bush 11 obeyed his trainers and walked into the maelstrom of Iraq.

3. When will we understand that Obama is all process and unfolding, not single-bandaid solutions? This myopia on the part of allegedly intelligent observers is creating a brake on things and making the parlous state of journalism more and more a fate devoutly to be welcomed. A new journalism of process will emerge.

4. Other elements of the strategy that is unfolding will likely be a radical internationalization of the conflict accompanied by massive education regarding its nature and importance and the mobilization of a much more competent international apparatus for dealing with it than we presently have.

Terror, genocide and the deleterious effects of inhumane migration and refugee survival efforts are all linked, are all issues on the table, are all likely targets of a concerted Obama effort. For anyone in Congress to be nit-picking about time lines is a predictable but sad indication of the narrowness of vision that penetrates even the precincts of the marginally better party.

The fact is that Obama might well be out of Afpak in a year or at least on a time line that is acceptable to the American people. But this post is not about that. It is about biindness in the deepest prophetic sense.