I Just Bought Stock — As Seen on TV

I forget who is advertising that line, “I just bought stock.” But I just did. I am with the Prez. He says buy, I buy.

Not exactly, but I do a good deal by the seat of my pants. Sometimes I get burned and other times not so much.

Today, I bought small lots of three companies and I am not in the business of recommending. (Will share if you email me and promise not to take it out on me if they all tank.)

Here’s the reasoning. We are around where we were when the nightmare of Bush 2 began. We can now start over. It is as simple as that. I am for the President and definitely also for Mr Geithner and for the three-part agenda of health care, education and sustainable energy.

I am buying not with the old get rich mentality in mind, but because now, finally, I feel the market is getting right despite the daily crying of Chris Matthews and his subalterns about free fall and how Obama cannot get things right and so forth..

On matters of reality I feel better in my own skin than listening to such drivel.

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Stimulus Was Always The Wrong Word

So was jump start.

Here is Judd Gregg: “This bill, therefore, is not timely, targeted, and temporary, which is what a stimulus bill should be.” SOURCE

You are right Judd. Instead of timely substitute blueprint and long term, instead of targeted substitute all Americans and instead of temporary substitute permanent. The bill that is being hailed as an Obama victory is, as the President was quick to say, a step, not a solution.

The Obama agenda has always been a common sense effort to do what needs to be done to move our society away from the lesser angels of our nature to a self-image that is easier to live with — like decent, like not knee-jerk patriotic, like willing to put others first, like living within your means and so forth.

This is why decent conservatives like President Obama and why progressives understand him only two months after whatever fit they have had about him. The people who understand the President are long-suffering human beings whose cynicism and hopelessness has been leavened with a sense of what it would take to alter the equation of life.

What alters the equation is the skillful application of the values of democracy, tolerance, helpfulness and a rejection of all forms of idolatry. MORE ON THESE KEY VALUES

So we have step one. Stimulus is the wrong word to use. Stimulus come when the nation feels it is moving in the right direction and that could take a while. Though if enough  people took the trouble to read 194 Things Barack Intends To Do As President, there might be more hope more quickly.


Barack’s Food Agenda: Organic, Regional

Some think Barack will make eating healthier.

Add it all up, and Obama looks like the first foodie president since Thomas Jefferson. For more recent comparisons, one could look at President Bush, who is a fitness buff but who aligned himself with large agricultural companies like Cargill and Monsanto that some advocates for sustainable agriculture and organic food fight against.

President Bill Clinton certainly seemed to love food, but in his White House years, his tastes ran more toward Big Macs than grass-fed beef. Only after his presidency, and serious health problems, did he turn his attention to issues of obesity and diet.

The Obamas are a different kind of first family, said David Kamp, who traced the history of the modern gourmet-food movement in his book, “The United States of Arugula” (Broadway, 2006). “This time we have a Democrat in office that seems to live the dream and speak the language of both food progressivism and personal fitness,” Kamp said.


I would say that the issue is how many things can Barack do at once.

Here is the agenda at Change.gov:

1. Revitalizing the Economy
2. Ending the War in Iraq
3. Providing Health Care for All
4. Protecting America
5. Renewing American Global Leadership


For deep digging on what Barack is likely to do ASAP as President here are 194 Things Barack Intends To Do As President. SOURCE

118. Obama will help organic farmers afford to certify their crops and reform crop insurance to not penalize organic farmers. He also will promote regional food systems.