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Snowden and Related Thoughts

Snowden did nothing different than John Lewis and others did – he saw a wrong more egregious than the law that protected it.


Snowden should be ranked with the known and unknown veterans of the Civil Rigts movement.

We celebrate Martin Luther King for exercising the same logic that Snowden used to defy an unjust law.

Nonviolence is always effective against an unjust law. It is ineffective when there is no law.

The rule of law is essential to a true democracy.

The rule of law is the most precious possession of any society.

When laws are unjust they must be changed.

There are no laws that cannot be improved.

Fairness is the standard on which any law can be judged.

The newspapers and sites that used Snowden’s work should stand with him now.

You cannot call a man a traitor and live on the product of his alleged disobedience without bearing the mark of the hypocrite.

Snowden should be an issue in 2014 and the winners should be for a full pardon.

Snowden should be pardoned irrespective of whether he returns to the United States.

The tragedy of President Obama would be finishing his presidency without correcting his transgressions of elementary human rights.

It is very hard to remain for President Obama and to forgive violations of rights and international law at the same time. But I am and I do.

To be an ethical pragmatist is the only option in today’s world.

The only absolute things are values that apply to all.

Values should be the basis of law.

Snowden is no different than any honest citizen should be – open to defy if defiance is the honorable course.

The notion that we are good because we are ethical is a stretch. We are all fallible, we all do harm, we are all forgiven.

The world censures and then forgets and then comes around.


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ShortFormContent Recent Tweets #ryanfails

Recent Tweets Mostly #ryanfails 10:21 AM ET 2012 | ShortFormContent at Blogger.

Paul Ryan has mesmerized the media because intelligence is so lacking in Congress that its appearance alone induces interest. But Paul Ryan is if anything a more facile and worse liar than Romney. He has virtually no explanations for his draconian budget and his criticism of Obama is a lie whole cloth. This page of tweets is a good introduction to Ryan as an apostle of untruth.

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Obama Nonviolent – When it Seems Not The Case

President Obama could be our first Nonviolent Chief Executive

Via Short Form Content at Blogger: Obama Nonviolent – When it Seems Not The Case.

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President Obama actually does not care about winning in 2012

President Obama actually does not care about winning in 2012

via Short Form Content at Blogger: President Obama actually does not care about winning in 2012.

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Where Does The World Divide and Which Side Are We On?

Morning Observations 16 July 2011 – New Cities, Carmageddon, Charities, Penitence, Money, Captcha, Wall Street – Associated Content from Yahoo! –

That’s the question that dogs me after putting up this post. I have always been a partisan of community and of new cities. Fifty years worth of energy has been expended writing about the dangers of continued allegiance to oil and the car. Speaking of which traffic jams are now news with the length of a jam the headline. China had one exceeding 60 miles. LA wonders if it can beat China.

Charity raises what can be a most ugly head. We have the most shabby information when it comes to understanding charity and how it relates to capitalism and how the two create a world in which the result is benign genocide. That is my thesis BTW. It wants some proving I will admit. The surface remains unscratched.

I cannot for the life of me understand how I could have written about Obama for years and never had one personal encounter with the Obama folk. That is a recurrent theme because it asks the question what side am I on. I am one of the privileged. I live in the metropole of metropoles. I have freedom of speech. I should be grateful. I should be thankful. And I should be under no illusions about which side I am on.

But I do not feel on the side that I came from. Nor do I have the gall to pose as if I do not come from that side. So I do the only thing I can do. Put words out that advocate as I believe that the goal of existence is to realize the universality that is in us all. Ultimately we are on no side. We are one.

When we fail Abba succeeds. I wonder if Abba will smile if and when we consign the entire world to economic disaster. It will not be pretty and it will not bring out the best in us. It would be vastly better to limp forward without a crisis of such proportions.