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Moving to Goodreads

Effective with this post
I am moving all blogging to
I feel Twitter is fully adequate
for most communication I was doing
and Kindle is
my main focus now
and in the future.
Goodreads is a perfect fit
at this point.
Hope to see you there.
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Ego is a nominalist misnomer

1050. Ego is a nominalist misnomer.

1050a. We are will.

1050a1. Ego does not imply or encompass the higher self.

1050a2. Ego exists only in the imagination of psychology.

1050b. We are life.

1050c. We are freedom.

1050c1. We can forgive and seek forgiveness.

1050d.  Will and freedom enable us to choose the values we live by.

1050d1. Values range from the ugly and tawdry to the efficacious and beautiful.

1050e. As Albert Schweitzer said, “We are life that wills to live midst life that wills to live.”

The above is a sampling from the work in progress Triadic Philosophy, a Kindle book. I have set the price at $9.99 and it will not change although the book will grow substantially.  As it does, Kindle users will be able to download the latest version (by managing their Kindle). This is an alternative mode of expressing thought and it could only occur in the context of cyber-space. This is a book that is literally being played out on Twitter. While it is meant to strike at the heart of dualistic philosophy, it is also meant to be a clear and useful iteration of thinking that is universal in relevance. Triadic Philosophy will not be able, as it grows, to be relegated to any group or category or school of thought whatsoever. We are beyond that. You can sample more of  Triadic Philosophy and purchase or borrow the book (if a Kindle Prime member) by clicking the image below.

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Not Everything About Facebook Comes up Roses

Not everything about Facebook comes up roses. Here are a few posts that suggest what gives me pause about the entity.

Where on Facebook is Julian Assange’s Fundraising Page

February 6, 2011
Where on Facebook Is Julian Assange’s Fundraising Page. I can understand CNN’s reticence in not posting a link to Juliam Assange’s fundraising page on Facebook but how can one find it and be sure it is for real?
The Skeevy Side of Facebook – Double Tweet

January 26, 2011
Read the comments on the piece referenced below. I think they suggest that Facebook is not entirely what we might wish it to be. They also suggest the fragility of the virtual. And the low mentality in making the virtual primary. We need to build things.
Goldman is Screwing Around Again This Time with Facebook

January 3, 2011
Goldman Is Screwing Around Again This Time With Facebook – Prose by Stephen C. Rose
Facebook and Other Biggies Should Pay Users a Share of Ad Revenue

December 26, 2010
Facebook and Other Biggies Should Pay Users A Share of Ad Revenue – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
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More Fathoming Facebook

More fathoming of Facebook. I doubt that even with the film about Facebook we are even close to understanding what might lie at the root of Facebook’s power. That rootage lies in the understanding of what creates revolutions. I do not claim to have made this link in any serious way. But my intuition is that it has to do with the role of the middle class in generating democratic revolutions and with Facebook’s ethos in that respect. It would be a supreme irony in today’s killing the middle class environment if the ultimate power in the world was, er, bourgeois power. Or should I say bourgeois conversion with a nod to Leadbelly.

Mildred Purse Wants To Be A Facebook App

March 21, 2011
She is looking into it. Someone has to arbitrate all the nonsense and help young women navigate the slough of despond and such. Mildred Purse is just the ticket.
Mildred Purse Says Scott Walker and Arianna Huffington Are The Same

March 18, 2011
Mildred gets a tiny micropayment for every view of her sage commentary. She urges you to help by Tweeting and sharing these offerings on Facebook until she becomes a star.
Writing Futurology

March 6, 2011
Facebook Short Form Writing and The Future. Eventually one can anticipate the following hierarchy – text messages – online writing – ebooks – kindle and similar readers and finally book publishing.
Retro IPO Glitz

March 4, 2011
Facebook Google and Abba’s Way. This video offers a sort of window on the theme of this post which is a consideration of Abba’s way in terms of Facebook and Google and their respective beginnings and IPOs.


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Three Facebook Posts

Selected from of recent posts and slideshows  about the social network.

In general Facebook is as significant on the Web as any named entity. And the Web is on its way to becoming the way we create our world.

Why Gibbs is Going to Facebook

This is more obvious than silly putty was when it came out.
Do You Use Facebook?

Do You Use Facebook? This is not an idle question. It comes down to the world that is coming. What sort of connection do we want? What sort of connection will events force us to have?
Social-Networking: Will Google Blow Facebook Out of the Water?

Social-Networking: Will Google Blow Facebook Out of The Water? Google is becoming a social network. Facebook owns first place. Google means to change that. Is Facebook up to the challenge? Some thoughts.

Twitter Tip: Paring Down Your Following List


Twitter Tip: Paring Down Your Following List

Tweepi is presently the only utility I use to manage my Twitter activity.  You can pare down the number of folk you follow according to multiple criteria. Reducing the number of people you follow is a choice, not a necessity. Eliminating persons you follow who do not follow you back is likewise a choice.

I value followers who retweet or reply to my tweets. I list these as Folk you should follow. I use these lists to find salient tweets to pass on. You can find these lists at

Updated March 9, 2013