COMMENT ON: During McCain’s Townhall, Obama’s Field Team Will Launch Bus Tour Down The Street

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Alternative headline: “Organizing for America Carries Health Message Cross Country”

Two points need to be made.

First, the House Bill is the core of health care reform. Those who grouse about what Obama thinks need to read the following brief digest:


Second, we have to get the message out. Here are key pages on the White House Site with short urls. They may not be live below. Copy and paste each message individually in Twitter, etc.

Not on Twitter? Start here: http://twitter.com/stephencrose

Note that these pages take you to VIDEOS as well as text.

#HCR Whole White House Reality Check Site — pass on individual pages and messages. http://ow.ly/kP2q
#HCR Reform will eliminate insurance discrimination against the disabled http://bit.ly/1r6kCL ALL: http://ow.ly/kP2q
#HCR You can keep your own insurance http://ow.ly/kPax ALL: http://ow.ly/kP2q
#HCR Your Medicare is safe, and stronger with reform http://ow.ly/kPQZ ALL: http://ow.ly/kP2q
#HCR Reform will benefit small business – not burden it http://ow.ly/kWn0 ALL: http://ow.ly/kP2q
#HCR Vets’ health care is safe and sound http://ow.ly/kYfh ALL: http://ow.ly/kP2q
#HCR There is no panel to decide end-of-life care http://ow.ly/l0LT ALL: http://ow.ly/kP2q

Let’s get it done!


President’s Field Team Targets Blue Dogs’ Districts Over Health Care Battle

The following concluding paragraph of Dawn Teo’s article at Huffington Post is a keeper

“On-the-ground organizing may also have more far-reaching effects than just strengthening the President’s position on health care. Every person OFA reaches on the phone today is a potential supporter in 2010 and 2012. Every door knocked or volunteer recruited today is a potential recruit in 2010 or 2012. Old-fashioned machine politics may be over, but in a time when the election cycle never sleeps, yearlong organizing in the election off-season is looking like the political mechanics of the future.”

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

The Republicans are giving us the Health Care Reform victory. The media are ignoring the organizing on the ground. Between Organizing for America (OFA) grass roots activism and the ineptitude of the Republicans as they lie to try to win a debate they cannot win, even with truth, we are looking at a slow and steady movement to passage of a bill with a public option.


Huffington Post’s LobbyBlog: Bring The Lobbyists To Heel and Unelect Their Recipients

Go The  LobbyBlog at HuffingtonPost

Those of us who have active blogs can do a great deal to widen the impact of the Huffington Post’s LobbyBlog by going through the material aggregated there and pointing to the most egregious examples of lobbying and, in particular, calling attention to the Senators and Congresspeople who are on the take.

The Organizing for America movement — successor to Obama for America — is going all out on a door to door campaign this weekend. A people’s movement is the only thing that can push back the power of these well oiled and cash heavy juggernauts.

Here’s information on this weekend’s effort for Sonia SotoMayor:


There have been, and will be similar efforts, on all major elements of the Obama agenda.

The Organizing for America Blog is a good place to go for ongoing information:


This summer can become a true summer of change if efforts like this are supported via letters, blogs, broadcasts, interviews and door to door canvases. No one said it would be easy. The amazing thing is that we have come this far.


Health Care: Obama Ground Game Will Win The Day

Health Care: Obama Ground Game Will Win The Day

As  the news media look to DC and mother-hen Blue Dogs and other suspects — those who think they can get their way by defying a “nice” President — the Obama Organizing For America Movement is doing what they did in the campaign — proving the media dead wrong by a good margin. Once again the Obama Ground Game will change the rules and once again the media will race to catch up with reality.

The longer this plays out, the stronger that movement will be.

Just got this in the mail. Me and how many MILLION others?

These next few weeks will make the difference on health care reform. The President has said that reform will pass “this year, or not at all,” and initial votes are expected before the month is out.

The latest reports show over $1.4 million being spent each day to block reform in the halls of Congress. The most important thing you can do to fight that influence? Show how much support really exists in your community for reform.

That’s why we’re organizing Health Care Canvasses across New York — and the country — on upcoming weekends. Organizing for America supporters like you will go door-to-door, asking their neighbors to sign on in support of the President’s agenda and call their representatives in Congress.

Please sign up for a weekend Health Care Canvass near you.

Going door-to-door is surprisingly easy — no prior experience is required — and we always hear back from canvassers about what a rewarding experience it is.

When we all get together and organize door-by-door, block-by-block, and neighborhood-by-neighborhood, we can build a movement from coast to coast. It’s how we won a historic election — and it’s how we’ll make real, comprehensive health care reform a reality in 2009.

This debate is heating up, so it’s important that we organize now to ensure that President Obama’s core principles are included in any comprehensive health care reform legislation.


Continuing The Struggle: Contribute To Get OUR Messages Out

Continuing The Struggle: Contribute To Get OUR Messages Out

This is from Mitch Stewart who runs Organizing for America. I wish I had millions reading this and that a million blogs would share this. Help spread the word and give if you can. This is exactly what I have been talking about. The Obama counterpunch looking to July 4 and beyond.


Did you see Vice President Biden’s email last week, sharing personal health care stories from supporters across the country? Well, the stories have been read millions of times, and the reaction is an overwhelming, “Wow — we’ve got to get to work.”

It’s not surprising — these stories show the human face of the health care debate and inspire us all to act.

So here’s our latest idea: Putting our supporters in coast-to-coast television and online ads, telling their own stories, in their own voice. It could be a breakthrough moment in this debate, when millions of Americans realize how urgent reform really is.

But recording and nationally broadcasting these stories won’t be cheap. We can only go forward if you’re ready to chip in. So what do you say — should we do it?

Yes. I think this is a great idea, and I’m ready to contribute so it can happen.

No, I’m not ready to contribute to this plan.

How big could this be? Many experts believe health care reform was defeated in the early 90’s by the infamous “Harry and Louise” ads. They featured actors sitting around a fake kitchen table, pretending to be a family that was frightened by reform.

So just imagine if this time around, the debate is shaped by real people, looking us in the eye, telling their actual story, and asking for our help to fix this broken system.

Phony stories helped defeat health care reform in the past. But this time, real stories could be the reason we win.

If enough Organizing for America supporters say yes and then donate the resources we need to pull it off, we’ll start filming and distribution right away. So what do you say?

Yes, let’s get these real stories on the airwaves. I’m ready to contribute:


No, I don’t think this is a good idea or I can’t contribute at this time:


We’ll keep you posted with the results and what happens next.

Thanks, as always, for making it all possible.


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America


Ed Show Sinking Fast on “Obama Blog”

I know the blog is now Organizing for America but I am a creature of habit. I think of it as the Obama Blog, and just now the attention is on the Ed Show. About a week ago the new boy on the MSNBC block was getting plaudits and I almost repented of my first criticism of the show back in April.

But now the Obama core that comments on the “Obama blog” is hitting Ed hard and with reason.

It is difficult to present yourself as a voice of honesty and then waver between having your own show and reverting to the same poor format that makes MSNBC largely unwatchable. I refer to the talking head format where you get a predictably wingnut voice from the depths of Las Vegas and someone centrist from online and someone else you have seen fifty times and assume that, when all of them are emoting simultaneously, you are having a discussion.

I can only conclude that Mr. Ed does not have real internal control, that is to say a real concept, a real understanding. Or maybe 30 Rock leeches these things out of all who enter there.

There are tons of genuine experts out there who are never asked to appear on TV, save sometimes on CSPAN or PBS.