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The Story of Job — Part One


I am convinced in a time like this, penitence of the suffering is next to impossible. But penitence is essential, even for the non-religious. There is a form of guilt that is real, not pathological.

It is the guilt that exists because suffering is a portion of life. And our typical reactions are anger and an alienation from life itself.

This morning as I did my mandatory walking, I tried to remember parts of my Job project, something I did at the close of the 1970s. The massive conclusion of this is Job’s penitence at the very end. It is to my mind an authentic repentance. It is the result of his actual confrontation with the deity.

I no longer subscribe to the notion of a deity separate from our capacity to imagine and embody him/her in what we might call our higher selves. From there the reality of G-d becomes experiential. We do not force it on anyone else. We do, however, share our experience.

My experience today is an urge to share this work. The sense I have is that G-d suffers as a creator even as the creation is defaced by our massive inversion of the values we are called, I believe, to embody. The link above goes to the first part of my “demo” of this.

The link below is to the conclusion of this. It leads to Job’s penitential motion.



“New Rain” — The Story of Jesus in Song

“New Rain” is a collection of songs about the life of Jesus that I wrote in the early 1970s. These recordings were done with a group including me, Lois Rose, Irene Vassos and Larry and Alice Spatz. Alice did much of the arrangement and composed the tune of the initial and closing lyrics (Example: He rode to the city …). We performed this all throughout New England for about two years. It was pressed as a record. Click here for a look at the cover and a review of the album.

Here are my recordings of the album in four sections. The entire work runs around 50 minutes or so.

New Rain — The Story of Jesus in Song — Part One

New Rain — The Story of Jesus in Song — Part Two

New Rain — The Story of Jesus in Song — Part Three

New Rain — The Story of Jesus in Song — Part Four

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A Stranger Named Peace

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A Stranger Named Peace, a record I made in the 70s, is enjoying new life online.

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From the title song:

A stranger named peace sent his son one day
To take down the wall time had made
Walked on through like a free bird he flew
In the clothes of a servant he came

Album Cover

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A Nice Review of New Rain with a Download Link

New Rain has new life at Heavenly Grooves

The winds of rebellion are blowing once again
The people are a’stirrin’they are wondering when

— From John The Baptist’s Song, New Rain, The Story of Jesus In Song

New Rain: The Story Of Jesus In Song is one of the very few to explore the more progressive hippie grassroots style you’re accustomed to finding on labels like Rounder, Philo and Flying Fish.


new rain