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GOP Wants to Subject Us To Oligarchical Rule

Ex-Military and C.I.A. Officers Attack Obama Over Bin Laden Leaks –

Security officials and members of both parties in Congress have sharply criticized leaks about classified operations under Mr. Obama, as well as briefings for reporters on the Bin Laden raid and assistance to filmmakers making a movie about the operation. But the administration has also overseen an unprecedented number of prosecutions for disclosures to the press, and in June, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. directed two United States attorneys to investigate recent leaks discussed in the Opsec video

via Ex-Military and C.I.A. Officers Attack Obama Over Bin Laden Leaks –

The GOP is grasping at straws in a sad effort to distract us from their true objective which is the subjection of the American people to oligarchical rule by a government controlled by a compliant Supreme Court a corrupt Congress and a puppet President. Sorry but no thanks.


Osama Dead? Or Zardari’s Wishful Thinking?

Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari has raised the prospect that Osama bin Laden could be dead after he said that intelligence officials could find “no trace” of the al-Qaeda chief. […] There have been regular reports of bin Laden’s ill health, notably speculation about his kidneys failing. Mr Zardari said his own advisers believed there was substance to the rumours. […]Mr Zardari’s comments came as he sought to reassure the international community that it need not worry over the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weaponsSOURCE


Where is Bin Laden?


The post has some very cool satellite photographs created by a U.C.L.A. geography professor, Thomas Gillespie, who has published a paper in M.I.T. International Review that purports to use “biogeographic data,” such as Bin Laden’s last known location, cultural background, and other factors, “to create a mathematical model that he claims will show where the terror mastermind is hiding.

But, concludes Steve Coll:

I’ve stuck firmly to my own pin-placing hypothesis: Miran Shah, in North Waziristan. The argument against this guess is that the town and its environs are a relatively busy area with some Pakistan Army presence. The argument for it is that it’s hardcore Taliban country controlled by the Haqqanni clan, which provided the territory and protection that Osama used to create Al Qaeda’s very first training camps more than twenty years ago. Old friendships die hard in that part of the world.


Obama Zaps Bush-Al Queda Karma

Bush and Al Queda danced perfectly together, each playing an appointed role in a karma game like none that we have seen, excepting perhaps the vastly more complex karmic dances of the two world wars.

Bush’s War on Terror was the best thing that ever happened to Osama. We owe our decline to the exquisitely destructive karma of this relationship.

And the proof of the pudding is the complete deflation of Al Queda that is in progress with Bush out of the picture. I am not saying that Al Queda will fold without a fight, just that the balloon is losing air at a massive rate.


Oh, and the main reason for the deflation is the person of one Barack Obama. He is matter of factly en route to destroying al Queda, while being the target of the most despicably transparent idiocy that Al Queda can muster when it meets its match and more.

It is enough to make Osama drool in his beard. And maybe wake up one day and see that you cannot train young men to kill themselves indefinitely.