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Proof of Google’s Continuing Bias Against Associated Content – Yahoo Contributor Network

The following was indexed immediately from my Blogger blog Short Form Content at Blogger:

Short Form Content at Blogger: Mildred Purse hails Sarah Palin’s decision not to run: “Mildred Purse hails Sarah Palin’s decision not to run”

The following from Associated Content Yahoo Contributor Network  was promoted and has not been indexed:

Sarah Palin Says She Will Not Run – Associated Content from Yahoo! – “Sarah Palin Says She Will Not Run”

It is not unusual for Google to get around to indexing Associated Content material if I post it here.

Needless to say this is a tendentious process and would be unnecessary if Mr. Cutts and company would relent and find a different way to ensure quality content without zapping and downfrading entire domains, particulary of competitors.


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More Sarah Palin Slideshows

Sarah Palin has parlayed a McCain hail Mary pass that failed into the quintessential hat trick of American politic. Out of failure comes wealth, notoriety and the capacity to be the tail that wags the dog.

Mildred Purse Says Sarah Palin Should Stand In The Corner

Mildred Purse is the CEO of the Purse Group which seeks to provide the proper spin on all matters great and small. Not since “Parker” episodes were filmed on Beacon Hill has there been such commotion.
Barack Obama Calls Sarah Palin Laughable

The Purse Group once again scoops the media. First it published Palin’s ill-conceived slur on Obama. And now comes the Obama rejoinder, delivered with a vintage brush-off, as though she was a crumb on his lapel.
Sarah Palin Says Obama Ill-Conceived

Sarah Palin has chosen Purse Communications a channel for her most most memorable salvos. She calls them depth charges. We shall see if the President, also on board with Purse, deigns to reply.
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Recent Sarah Palin Slideshows Nihilism in Action

Sarah Palin is running for President. Sarah Palin is not running for President. See Sarah run. Nihilism in motion. In this sense she is consistent with her ethos in politics. She does the work of the Lord insofar as that work must have a counterintuitive caste.

Sarah Palin is No Tabloid Wacko

The Mildred Purse Group is headed by one of the most sagacious political analysts in this or any other century, Mildred herself, the doyenne of Beacon Hill.


Blaming Sarah Palin

Oh you may think that Alexander Hamilton Quill is crazy, but I beg to differ. He has access to internal truth that exceeds that of the intelligence services.
Purse Blasts Palin

From her perch on Beacon Hill Mildred refuses to brook the idle and silly effusions of the former Alaska Governor. She feels our President is probably the best thing since chopped liver.

Disgust With Both Parties Could Lead to A Democratic Rout in 2010

Read This

My reasoning is simple.

The pattern may turn out to be Conservative candidates running against the GOP and primary candidates challenging Democrats.

If the fights in both parties tend this way, the Democrats win hands down. Almost no third party candidate wins. The sad exception last time was Lieberman who got defeated in the Democratic primary.

I believe the electoral dissent will boil over on the Republican side and result in third party runs by defeated GOP primary candidates. If Democrats avoid this pattern they have a lock both Senate and House.

The disgust with both parties comes from two different perceptions. Progressives are tired of bought and paid for Democrats. And the wingnut shrunken Republicans simply want to destroy the party they are ruining every time they open their mouths.

The best thing is that there is a majority that leans toward the Obama agenda. If that changes we are in deep trouble. We would be where we were when the minor dark age we live in was sealed in 1968.

I believe that fate will pass us by. Dems need to hang tough and keep battles within the party.

Republicans will be unable to. That means their fate is worse than it even is today.