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Of eBay, China and a Mildred Purse PS

eBay is significant as a large Web business and all such businesses have a stake in viable partnerships related to China. Two of the posts below reference that. The third is in the spirit of Mildred Purse which speaks for itself.

EBay Continues to Try in China

June 10, 2011
Annals of Business
EBay China

September 15, 2010
eBay Seems Smart. eBay Partnering with China Seems Smart. This Forbes Video Seems Smart. With a brief comment on the wisdom of U.S. China partnership.
Mildred Purse Won’t Auction Her Ideas on Ebay

March 21, 2011
Mildred Purse is a resident of Beacon Hill, Boston. She is related to the Purses who founded Massachusetts but does not parade the fact. With some reason.



Needed: US-China Mega-Partnership

The Obama Administration has already laid the basis for good relations with China. The next step should be work toward a genuine, open and mutually profitable economic and technological partnership to green the world.

The amount of investment to pull this off is China-US-sized. Trillions are involved. And China has already begun to understand scale in a way that we have not even begun to grasp. Ecoblocks are just a hint of the need. And the opportunity.

I have the feeling that such a partnership would do a great deal to ease tensions over the volume of US indebtedness to China. Not only would the profitability of this partnership help fill presently languishing coffers; specific pieces of the work could be undertaken in the context of retiring a portion of the indebtedness. I cannot believe the creation of an open, dynamic green-focused partnership would not be of massive mutual benefit, helping the US to ensure economic and fiscal viability and China to move fully into the community of nations as a dominant economic engine.

There is too much tension elsewhere in the world not to justify a partnership of this sort. An economic partnership might have positive implications for such efforts as lowering nuclear stockpiles, prosecuting a successful anti-terror effort and maintaining stability on the Korean peninsula.

Let me close with what I think is the main reason why such a partnership is necessary. It has to do with scale.

At some point, an exclusive effort to develop urban areas on past models will prove less than viable. There will need to be a quantum leap to new urban designs which are able to incorporate the elements needed for green sustainability.

The only alternative I can see to this is to go nuclear in a huge way, rather in the manner of France. However such a move would also require the combined effort of the world’s two most powerful nations to ensure that the last barriers to complete safety and security are bridged.

I will not be surprised if, sooner than later, something like the partnership I am discussing here comes into being. It makes as much sense as it did to open the door to China during the Nixon years.

To summarize, my sense of a viable Obama foreign policy — a policy of containing terrorism carried out by a growing global alliance; a U.S. China partnership to achieve major economies of scale in greening the globe; and a continuation of the clear progress Secretary Clinton and others are making to press both a global anti poverty agenda and a human rights agenda.

I naturally hope that these efforts will be leavened by a growing attention to the considerations embodied in the term pattern language.