Moment of Truth In Afghanistan, Iran, Israel-Palestine, SE Asia, Africa, FSU

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I include many areas where the world faces huge challenges, including the former Soviet Union (FSU).

We make a mistake when we segment challenges. One boat rocks others. We may not be gaia but there is some truth to our interdependence.

In all these situations, violence is active or incipient. In all of them, there is no solution being proposed that promises an end to the prospect of more of the same.

To cite examples:

There is every possibility that Iran will remain firm in refusing to stop enriching uranium and this will activate Israel eventually. If that happens the US may not be far behind.

There is every chance that the civil violence (if that is not an oxymoron) in many areas of the FSU will continue and that worsening economic conditions there will exacerbate conflict. Again involving other nations including the US.

In Africa there are at least five situations in which any notion of rights and decent behavior is a pipe dream without international action that would involve the US.

In Asia, Burma and Sri Lanka are merely the most conspicuous examples of continuing repression. I have not even mentioned North Korea.

And in Afghanistan we have the head US military man suggesting that with more resolve and manpower we can succeed — a truth that is no more likely to hold than the belief that Iraq will be a stable and unified democracy over time.

No serious thinker following Nietzsche and living through the Holocaust believes that the world can permanently weather a continuation of the dynamics which gave rise to the cataclysmic wars of the 20th Century.

We cannot weather full economic breakdown and a global nuclear winter.

How then are we to proceed?

I see no way other than for our President to declare a global emergency and address the underlying issue of a global military-industrial complex and a reliance on force that is fueled by governments still operating with 20th century notions that the sword is the instrument of peace and justice.

President Obama needs to declare a restructuring of the moral apparatus of the world. Realpolitik must be seen as the politics of negotiation and peace. Religion must be seen as the proximate capacity to dream, not as a license to kill. Economies must be made to create sustainable communities, not fortress societies.

Only the leadership of courageous persons can accomplish the movement needed today. Specifically, in Afghanistan we need to understand that there cannot be a military victory, period. In the future the only real victories will be those of aroused peoples who insist that the ways of war be permanently shelved. This will mean more movements like those in Iran following the most recent elections.

The President needs to stand at the helm of a global civil rights movement. He needs to show that realism is not inconsistent with this. He needs to hark back to Eisenhower and identify the military-industrial complex as the true enemy of civilization.

This is a moment of truth. This is not one person’s belief. It is the stance of all who have lived under the lash of the global war machine. We must reject the leadership of those for whom belief in force has overcome belief in themselves.

The moment of truth is a reappropriation of who we are and of our inherent possibilities.


Barack Obama’s Post-Wall Street Vision

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McCain lies through his teeth in describing Barack’s respectful conversation with Joe of plumber fame. How can someone who might want to finish his criminal campaign with at least a shred of honor, keep on lying? The answer is simple. He has forgotten the difference between truth and falsehood. The MSM does not call him on it. And the gullible viewer does not connect the dots. Does anyone besides Keith Olbermann care about setting the record straight?

ALERT: Colorado Voter Interference by GOP Operative SOURCE

McCain wrongly suggests Obama has already written his inaugural. SOURCE

John McCain is grasping at straws and the New York Times has obliged by implying that Obama has written his inaugural address, a presumptuous thing indeed, and at complete odds with his stance of fighting until the last vote is in. The item in question is a broadside written by John Podesta when he was still supporting Hillary Clinton for the nomination. It has already been published. It represents no request from Barack Obama for a draft of an actual inaugural speech.

The New York Times yesterday ran an article by Peter Baker and Jackie Calmes that stated Barack Obama would not be writing his own inaugural speech. I must not have been paying attention when the information was made public that Barack Obama can’t form words into coherent sentences and paragraphs. The idea is patently asinine. Baker and Calmes join with commercial writer and wingnut clown Jack Cashill in claiming there’s no way a Havard Law Scool graduate and United States Senator can write. What a bunch of dumbasses.

Baker and Calmes at least have the confused notion that John Podesta has already written the inaugural speech. John Podesta is working on the transition team that will place Obama in the White House. He did in fact write a draft of an inaugural address, which appeared in the back of his book The Power of Progress. That speech was written by Podesta over a year ago, while he was still supporting Hillary Clinton. The claims of Calmes and Baker can at least be blamed on shoddy journalism.

I imagine Podesta will write a clarification to the Times.

Yesterday I carried on my little Gallup Daily commentary. Scroll down to see the widget. Just as predicted Barack ascended a point today to an exalted 51, expanding his lead by one. I still do not think McCain’s message has attacked a convincing coherence, largely because it is based on outright lies about Barack’s tax plan and commitments. This is good news and will probably maintain Barack’s present margin. If more hesitant Republicans declare for Barack, I would expect the margin to increase. With Barack back on the trail and aggressively calling McCain on his errors, I think he is holding even and countering any sympathy that McCain might get for having essentially failed to organize a coherent campaign.

A window on Barack’s Hawaii trip SOURCE + PHOTOS

McCain stokes fires of racism — academics say stop SOURCE

Obama holds a 7 point Ohio edge (PPP) SOURCE

Barack sends volunteers to Georgia SOURCE

Barack Obama’s Post-Wall Street Vision

Having read tons of analyses of what we are into, let me offer my own.

The reason the global economy is staggered is that the entire system — in which a massive portion of the populace manages to be paid for doing little or nothing productive — is coming to an end.

Corporate bureaucracy, whether governmental, philanthropic (non-profit) or business, is about to be transformed by necessity.

The sheer volume of allegedly educated souls who trained to make money and went into finance and related enterprises is being reduced. Wall Street minus 300,000. And so forth.

When Barack is in, there will be a similar trim in the government.

Churches and other “charitable” enterprises have been downsizing for decades — at least the mainline, which makes no claim to divine blessing for pursuits such as war and control of the body.

And because we are dislocating big time, we need to ask what will be put in its place?

The answer was first given to us by Hillary Clinton in her evocative phrase, It takes a village.

The masses of the downsized must reconstitute themselves as the entrepreneurial creators, designers, managers and developers of new human settlements, experimental, car free, schools within a half-mile, cyber-enabled, multiple use facilities for worship and other gatherings, economies of scale built in so they can be fully green, recycling and powered by wind and sun and the products that come from recycling on site.

The entire building that stems from automobile and highway culture will need to coexist with this world, as the once-pervasive horse once coexisted with cars, until the proven advantage of bringing green to scale is demonstrated.

We need contests, diversity, no one-size-fits-all, no big brother intimations.

All this is somewhere in Barack’s mind, a cocoon from which the new will begin to fly. It is somewhere in David Wilhelm’s mind. It is somewhere there. It is also out here.

Beyond the retro-monuments Halliburton and Enron, where gaming the system was the rule and failure did not matter because there was always the deep well of the government or those deluded people out there.

We are about to kiss goodby to the lumpen-manageriat.

We are also saying goodby to the global indecision to crassly emulate everything lethal and nasty in our culture.

In particular, to our addiction to oil and our willingness to sacrifice the entire planet to the highway and the private automobile and everything that that has come to mean and be.

If the oil-car-road economy was economically viable, we’d have won the world 100 times over.

But today’s crisis is telling us different. The $100 trillion fantasy upon which our economic ruination is built was the etherial product of cubicles filled with deluded Wall Street wannabes.

Cheney would like this dying world to win. That is what he planned in secret and what the Bush regime has tried to float.

But our newer world will run on no drama. On some common sense. On some attention to the insistent realities of righteousness and justice, values that have no place in the world of Bush, where democracy is trampled in a succession of impatient efforts to co-opt what belongs to God and squeeze it into compliance with the thoughts of small and deluded minds.

The freed player of the once high-riding Wall Street fantasy game will begin to see the utter idiocy of sprawl-culture that has transformed the environment into its depressing generic form no matter where you land, no matter what murky ocean you look into. He or she will no longer be riding from the same generic airport to the same predictable downtown or journeying to to a countryside whose options are to be a wasteland or maybe a theme park.

What has value? Democracy does. Tolerance does. Helpfulness does. The supreme value is to accept that one is not God and to also accept that one has within the spark of universal connectedness that leads to God. This is the grounding of community, of common dreams. These are fundamental values, trumping patriotism and honor and worship of phony strength and hapless violence.

We are in a crisis of humankind, a crisis of not knowing what to insist upon.

It is a situation worthy of Barack Obams.

And he is right.

It will take everyone experiencing a burst of freedom and responsibility. And beginning to forge a world where a measure of renewed trust enables the creation of more habitable and peacable neighborhoods.

Sic Transit Idiocy

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Barack Obama Splits With Reverend Wright

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The video below records a definitive split between Barack Obama and Reverend Wright based on Obama’s outrage over remarks made by Wright yesterday in Washington, DC.

Specifically he denounced imputations that the US has knowingly transmitted AIDS and the equation of US wars to terrorism.

Beneath all this is an obvious outrage at the timing of this incursion by Wright and its preemption of the news cycle.

This comes with many forces ranged against a knockout blow in the Obama-Clinton campaign.

These include:

The handiwork of Rush Limbaugh in encouraging Indiana Republicans to vote for Clinton in the open Indiana primary next Tuesday.

A relentless effort by media to seek to make a contest which is mathematically impossible look like a horse race. The motives for this are numerous and the result is a sad diminution of the status of the MSM.

Added to this, the continued ignoring of glaring items which belong front and center. A single example is push polling in North Carolina by Geoff Garin’s company.

Barack Obama Splits With Reverend Wright

The Obama Campaign remains intrepid and I continue to feel we will win this contest with relative ease. Superdelegates continue to move in our direction. And the prospect of giving the nomination to a person who has literally embraced the tactics of a George Bush is unthinkable now or even in the event that she is able to close the gap some.

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Very Good PPP North Carolina News

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After three not-so-good results for Barack Obama, Public Policy Polling (PPP) has come forth with an encouraging North Carolina result. I have posted their entire release below. Enjoy.

For more on PPP please click on my polls link. From that page you can see ALL of their polls.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Democratic Tracking Poll: President

Barack Obama 55
Hillary Clinton 34

Barack Obama gave North Carolina its first taste of campaign fever last week with appearances in Charlotte and Fayetteville, and our newest poll shows that the voters appreciated it. This 21 point lead is the largest he has shown in any NC polling to date, and an indication that the Wright controversy isn’t causing him any long term harm at least in this state.

Obama’s largest gain came in the Triangle, where he now leads 65-26. He got lots of free media coverage in that tv market last week because of his major address on the war in Fayetteville.

The poll also showed that a possible John Edwards endorsement wouldn’t do much for Hillary Clinton’s prospects in the state. 31% of voters who are either undecided or support Obama said an Edwards endorsement would make them less likely to vote for Clinton, compared to just 12% who said it would make them more likely to support her. A majority of voters, 57%, said an Edwards endorsement would have no impact on them one way or the other.

It appears that while the possibility of an Edwards endorsements gives pundits a lot of fodder for discussion, it would be unlikely to make much of an impact on the race even in his home state.

Obama has made significant gains across every demographic category since PPP’s last poll, leading in every age group, with both genders, and pulling within seven points of Clinton even with white voters.

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