My Chances of Getting an Obama Job

According to this report, I am competing with 330,000 others who have dutifully applied at change.gov.

These include connected sorts who actually can get a response to a personal email. And definite inside folk who already know people who will make the choices at lower levels.

My good wife tells me not to hold my breath. All I want, though, is a job working with Susan Rice, because I know a lot about the UN and am super good with the writing and research end of things. And I have some great references too.

But just think. If I got the job, you would be deprived of my diligent efforts on a daily basis to speak a bit of sanity about one thing and another. That will be my compensation for being an also ran. To continue doing this.

Plus, I will have an affinity with over 300K others who let the months pass with nary a nibble.


Slouch Potato Curmudgeon Cold Water Pourer

Yes I own all these monikers. But the notion that one would wish to suffer all the privations of hell simply to get within an elbow-jab’s distance of history is clearly something requiring clinical analysis.

I will watch the Inauguration on TV right here, the good lord willing and the creek don’t rise. And I will pity those who risk being crushed or otherwise person-handled.

Clearly I am not a holiday person though I treasure the times when I have fallen victim to the spontaneous urges that result in the I WAS THERE buzz. Hmm. I was there when McCarthy was first censured, when Meredith came to Ole Miss, when Mayor Daley One gassed innocent North Side clerics, when the air was too fetid to breathe after 9/11 and I do watch the Macy’s Parade every year out the window behind me.

SOURCE for this screed, Pity the excluded volunteer.


No Strikethroughs Here

The strikethrough seems to be a fashion these days. To me it suggests either a form of vanity (of which I already have much too much) or of penitential disclosure, as though one’s thought processes, when deemed erroneous, should be exposed for all to see.

Whatever, the strikethrough conflicts with the very reason I find the Web massively creative and useful to the writer’s psyche. Here is a sonnet I wrote a few years back that summarizes my understanding of things in c-space.

I see the books I wrote upon the sill
The sun comes afternoons to work decay
The pages spines and covers dry until
Their very will to live crumbles away
Why don’t I act to save these little works
The reason is they speak to me of death
I was not made to seek an author’s perks
For hyperventilating loss of breath
These days I seek a different legacy
Enter cut paste delete revise redo
Then put it up for anyone to see
Where else will words be in 3002
For shade King Tut did well to have a tomb
The World Wide Web is memory’s new womb



My Links and Sources

These links and sources never remain the same. They seek to provide a useful way of encountering this blog.

The links in CAPS are ones that I either want people to be aware of or that I use with frequency. Many are self-referential. Some point to concepts.

All other links are ones that I believe are worthy of being consulted daily. Most are excellent blogs kept up-to-date with dedication by their authors.

They touch on daily news, theological topics, anything to do with pattern language and human settlements, and on politics and music. The Obama-ward tilt is obvious though I keep at least one opposition link up.

If you come here more than once, you may want to bookmark the site and then wander down the links and sources. Readability and usability are criteria. You’ll find sites you’ve never heard of — treasures of writing and attitude that stretch the envelop of how we might think about things.

Enjoy this blog.

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How To Be A HuffPo Featured Blogger

There is a definite pecking order. I do not think it has much to do with the content or quality of the posts. The writer pool is enlarging as newsroom layoffs proceed apace.

HuffPo is rising as we speak. It is the place to get your ideas out there, maybe have them take effect.

That’s why it is frustrating to consistently see your posts descend as other posts ascend.

For example, I’ve posted

an original suggestion that advertising revenue be used to finance public transportation,

that our crisis is not economic,

that Blago should appoint the estimable Diane Nash to the Senate,

and that Barack should avoid an extended military engagement in Afghanistan.

The trick at Huffington Post is to have your article moved up on the pertinent pages. The ones that move up get hundreds and even thousands of comments.

I have never broken 100.

Here’s a list of my Huffington Post contributions with the comment numbers. SOURCE

The same problem of pecking order applies to being linked to HuffPo. Anyone who knows the meaning of the acronym SEO knows that links from prominent sites to your blog are gold. Sadly, there are thousands of folk like me who would cherish a Huff link who can’t get to first base.

So how do you become a featured blogger at HuffPo?

You work at it every day. You go with Gladwell’s ten year theorem. You combine brazen with patient. You realize that the Web is the future. And sometimes you raise the issue directly.


The Revolution of the Online Commentariat

RE: A HUFFINGTON POST PIECE (titled above) By Peter Daou: Well taken.

This may be a Toynbean challenge and response phenomenon. The rise of the online commentariat seems evenly balanced by the collapse of at least some of the bulwarks of the offline mediocracy. The NYT is perhaps the most obvious candidate for a massively game-changing meltdown. (One wonders if they will ask for a bailout.)

In any case, the next question is how people will get paid online. For the lucky few this works out as a straignt professional change, from paper to console. But most will not find a way to make the income they need online.

I think the ultimate solution lies in having a huge pool, tied perhaps ISPs, which, like ASCAP or BMI, would distribute royalties to qualified sites or individuals on the basis of a combination of relevance, quality and popularity.

Things will probably remain anarchic for a while as we watch the offline house of cards tumbling and scratch our heads,

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