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Cantor, Boehner, Obama Poetics

Cantor Poetics

Applying the four most prominent rhetorical elements of poetry to the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.
Obama Poetics

Poetic Politics for Barack Obama – Four Forms of Rhetoric With A Not To Harold Bloom
Poetics John Boehner

Captions parse the four poetic modes irony synedoche metonymy and metaphor as used in the sequence of poems in “Poetic Politics for John Boehner”
Sheen Poetics

The four elements of poetics are metaphor (one thing for another) , metonymy (consistent alias), synedoche (dominant reference) and irony (deflating context).

New Kindle Book: “Values and the Future (Revaluation of Values)”

Values and the Future (Revaluation of Values) is now available at the Kindle Store

Nietzsche said revaluation of values is the supreme task of the philosopher. Nietzsche called philosophers lawgivers. And yet the world continues to operate as though values were not something we are called to revise, develop, enunciate. The position of these recent reflections is allied with Nietzsche. The values suggested are vastly different from the usual, traditional pantheon.