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Thoughts on Privacy

The only absolute privacy is a thought you have not shared.


Sharing thoughts and ideas is the first breach of privacy.

Intentionally spreading information sacrifices much if not 
all privacy.

Privacy is largely a fantasy.

The best protection against harm is to lead a caring and careful life.

Pride is the enemy of privacy.

Even when privacy is among intimates it is not truly private.

The only privacy is one that is unexpressed.

Privacy and solitude are similar but not the same.

Society is inherently public.

Privacy in society is an illusion.

Triadic Philosphy sees all action as social.

Doing something alone and in private is a social convention.

Our macro-environment expresses our attitude to privacy.

Privacy is an illusory commercial product.

Secrecy is an expensive effort to counter reality.

The rejection of ethics accompanies the illusion of privacy.

An ethical life makes public life possible.

Privacy is not the same thing as secrecy.

Secrecy is as illusory as privacy.

Secrecy is inherent in the construction of power.

Power is the forbidden fruit of the unethical will.

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Three hashtags to change the world. A Twitter Strategy.

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Three hashtags to change the world. A Twitter Strategy.

Philanthropy and capitalism and nationalism are the three pillars of a dysfunctional world.  #tolerance #democracy  #helpfulness.

We need a democratic wave of individuals everywhere who affirm #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness.

Philanthropy should become the struggle for human rights. #tolerance #democracy #helpfulness.

Capitalism needs to get behind #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness.

Nationalism needs to diminish in the interests of a non-violent war-free world. #tolerance #democracy #helpfulness.

#Tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness is not utopian.  It is hard-nosed realism.

#Tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness. is not collectivism, it is ethical individualism.

To achieve the goal of world change, spread #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness.

Use #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness individually or together to raise ethical consciousness.

Clicking on #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness. will lead you to tweets you should retweet.

Tweets with #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness focus on breaking human rights issues around the world.

#Tolerance is a universal value all persons should affirm and practice.

#Democracy is the best way for human beings to create fair and constitutional self-government.

#Helpfulness is the conscious reduction of measurable harm.

#tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness are the three active values of a valid universal ethic.

Make these hashtags your signature to create change in this century – #tolerance #democracy  and #helpfulness.

Stephen C. Rose.

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In a world of reason there would be no need for politics.

In a world of reason there would be no need for politics..

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Tolerance, democracy and helpfulness are interactive.

Tolerance, democracy and helpfulness are interactive.

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Characterization Has Always Been A Synonym for Curse

There are two things in life that we confuse. Values and character. Values are what make us do what we do. They are freely chosen. They require acts of will to attain fruition in deeds. Then there is character which has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with how you are seen by others and by yourself.

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Proof of Google’s Continuing Bias Against Associated Content – Yahoo Contributor Network

The following was indexed immediately from my Blogger blog Short Form Content at Blogger:

Short Form Content at Blogger: Mildred Purse hails Sarah Palin’s decision not to run: “Mildred Purse hails Sarah Palin’s decision not to run”

The following from Associated Content Yahoo Contributor Network  was promoted and has not been indexed:

Sarah Palin Says She Will Not Run – Associated Content from Yahoo! – “Sarah Palin Says She Will Not Run”

It is not unusual for Google to get around to indexing Associated Content material if I post it here.

Needless to say this is a tendentious process and would be unnecessary if Mr. Cutts and company would relent and find a different way to ensure quality content without zapping and downfrading entire domains, particulary of competitors.


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All About Google

All about Google, the dominator for good or ill. Google has the power to make and to destroy. Google has stated that its intent is to know us the better to serve us. This gets us into the realm of institutional hubris. The following posts are all about Google.

Mildred Purse Joins Campaign to Have Google Pull 90 Percent of Health-Related Posts

March 31, 2011
She believes in freedom of speech but not in making one’s quest for information a minefieldl
Google’s Perfidy

March 24, 2011
Another Example of Google’s Perfidy and Bias. Adam Panflick’s Five Step Anti-Fatigue Program is the Title of a Sagacious Post (slideshow Actually) that Google Has Segregated on to a Page with Nine Related Results.
Google Algo Bias

March 24, 2011
Google’s Love Affair With WTF Proves Algorithm Bias. Google has myriad pages with the long-forgotten big Sarah Palin WTF story but will not post under Sarah Palin Says my original and unique post of today