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Romney-Ryan Offer No Pathway to Self Reliance

More than three-fifths of the cuts proposed by Mr. Ryan come from programs for low-income Americans. These cuts are so severe that the nation’s Catholic bishops protested the proposal as failing to meet society’s moral obligations, saying the plans “will hurt hungry children, poor families, vulnerable seniors.”

To Mr. Ryan, the poor will benefit when they no longer rely on government handouts. But his plans contain no pathway to self-reliance for the tens of millions of people who are either poor, unemployed or uninsured. In his world, they will be entirely on their own, or will rely on charity.

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Taking away without giving. Democrats have struggled for years to create a pathway and  have done no better. We have a sprawl-prison-car-enslaved nation. The answer lies in radical social change that can only happen when we have rid Congress of its most deleterious members. Then we can legislate to create car-free communities that build diversity into their fabric based on people’s aspirations and desires. Defeating  sprawl society and its policies and presuppositions is the agenda.


A Wave Of Homelessness in Sacramento


It’s getting grim. And those nights are cold. Let’s work to turn this around ASAP.

More than a year ago, a handful of homeless people staked out the site on the northern edge of downtown Sacramento. Now there are more than 100 tents and anywhere between 300 to 400 people living without running water or sanitation. Their only protection from the elements is nylon tents and plastic tarps.

A single mid-day meal is available at a nearby faith-based charity called Loaves and Fishes. That’s where social worker Jim Peth says he’s seeing a lot of the newly homeless.

“That’s been very recent,” Peth says. “And you can tell because they’re much better dressed. They’re disoriented; they don’t know where to go. So they’re easy to spot.”


While GOP Fiddles, Lives Go Down

Here from the Obama Blog, condensed into snapshots, a roll call of what is actually happening out there while McCain and his Merry Idiots fritter away the time with their teflon incomes and mindless rhetoric.

But my school is struggling under crippling budget cuts that may necessitate firing untenured faculty.

In 2008 I was forced to sell my home and close my small business. I had no health insurance. I was homeless and lived with friends for five months.

No one is hiring. It’s all part time, no benefits, seasonal jobs or minimum wage.

I have a wife, three children, a mortgage, a car note, and no health insurance. If my unemployment runs out I don’t know what we’re going to do.

20% of our skilled volunteer mentors are now unemployed themselves.

Nick, a student leader, will graduate with a near perfect GPA, two full majors and one full minor, in May 2009. In November his family lost their home to foreclosure and the corporation for which he has worked for three years to afford college told him that they could no longer employ him as a co-op student.